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HPE boasts the highest employee engagement scores in company’s history!

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HPE turned 4 years old this month and we have a lot to celebrate. Like surpassing industry benchmarks and having our highest-ever employee engagement scores!

That’s what our annual employee survey revealed, and we couldn’t be happier.

On 19 out of the 20 industry benchmark items, we scored higher than the industry benchmark average for the other technology companies we’re measured against—23 to be exact. And on the remaining item, we scored equal with the other companies.

Dare we say we’re better than the rest? Let’s just say we believe that HPE is the place to be.

Bolstering our claim is the fact that our team members are more engaged than ever. The survey showed a whopping 18-pt increase over the last two years for our employee engagement index. And, it’s our highest level of engagement since HPE started celebrating birthdays.

It sure is nice to keep getting better as we get older.

Happy birthday, HPE, and many more!

To learn more about our culture and career opportunities at HPE visit our website, apply today and #MakeYourMark! 

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