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HPE celebrates the 75th National Disability Employment Awareness Month

At Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Disabilities Network, an official Employee Resource Group, will celebrate the 75th National Disability Employment Awareness Month. Drew Lietzow, Disabilities Network Co-Chair, shares the highlights of the activities:

  • Working with stakeholders to address employee feedback on internal accessibility. For example, accessibility for employees who use screen readers and collateral for employees with a seizure disorder or sensory disabilities.
  • Boosting manager and employee awareness of HPE’s accommodation request process.
  • Encouraging employees to complete HPE’s disability etiquette course and expanding the number of languages in which the module is offered.
  • Empowering employees working from home to create a comfortable, ergonomic workplace with necessary tools. As a result of coronavirus/COVID-19, many employees will shift to a remote workplace.
  • Reviewing policies, processes, practices, etc. to ensure consideration for employees/customers with disabilities.
  • Advocating team meetings and calls (via Microsoft Teams and Zoom) to utilize video functionality to boost communication effectiveness and inclusion.
  • Growing the number of Disabilities Network chapters across the globe.



Drew_Lietzow.jpgAbout the Author 
Drew Lietzow, Disabilities Network Co-Chair, has worked at Hewlett Packard Enterprise in both technical and non-technical roles. He works in Global Communications as Communications Manager within HPE Pointnext Services. A savvy globetrotter and former Asia-based ex-pat for more than 10 years, Drew mastered the use of chopsticks (but sadly not nunchucks) and hopes to one day catch a flying dagger with his teeth (or continue his passion for tea, whichever seems more likely).

Stay connected to Drew via LinkedIn and to learn more about our Culture of Inclusion and Diversity, don't' forget to explore HPE Careers

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