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HPE employees collaborate virtually while finding the right work-life balance

Working virtually has always been a possibility in certain circumstances, but now it has become our everyday reality. We wanted to understand how HPE Bulgaria employees are connecting with their teams while working from home and how they're finding the right work-life balance.

We want to thank them for sharing their thoughts and pictures with us:

Milena Blagoeva and her home officeMilena Blagoeva and her home office

“Working from home allows me to dedicate time to my House planting love without missing a chance for interaction with my team” Milena Blagoeva, Junior HR Consultant

“Working with the help of some multi-species virtual communication is always a pleasure’ Sevim Rashidova, HR Hub PMO (Project Management Associate) 

I have to say that I don’t have the clearest boundaries set, but I find new ways of doing my job without interruptions. I often “move” my workspace, from the kitchen table to the sofa to the balcony and this gives me the freedom to enjoy my space and adapt to the new conditions easily. Having the liberty to manage my time is something that is helping me a lot in this new way of work. Simona Momiroska, Technical Account Manager

Sevim and her colleagueSevim and her colleague

“No traffic jams and wearing cozy clothes, while resolving complex issues and having meetings from my couch with coffee.” Nadezhda Busarova, Support Engineer

“Nowadays, work-life balance may seem like an impossible achievement, but it is NOT. In fact, mentally and spiritually, workplace balance has never been more enjoyable.” Dilyana Todorova, Support Engineer

Deyan working at home in his usual business attireDeyan working at home in his usual business attire“It is challenging but rewarding experience – nothing compares to your children smiles in the middle of the working day!” Deyan Stefanov, CSC Business Operations Manager 

“I got used to work from home, I think that there are much more benefits than expected and the main thing is that my family is safe and are near to me.” Elena Plucci, part of Customer Solution Center Sofia providing services to HPE Customers in Russia

“If the door is closed, I’m on the phone or very busy, stay quiet and keep the cat away from the door. Works pretty well and everybody is happy.” Antoniy Antonov, Support Engineer


“Working from home effectively and having your family members around requires double concentration and means putting even more effort so that things can go right. This is making my day even more challenging and satisfying.” Networking, Remote Deployment, and Business Critical Systems

Elena enjoys more time with her familyElena enjoys more time with her family

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