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HPE her story: Maria del Angel Solis

Maria del Angel and the Guadalajara teamMaria del Angel and the Guadalajara team

Q: What is the most interesting thing about working here and the work you do?

A: I find most interesting the ongoing learning and developing. Even though I have been with the company for over 13 years, I continue learning new things every day, from my coworkers, partners, customers, stakeholders and from the new challenges the company constantly brings.  This is something that I really appreciate it, because it does allow me to grow personally and professionally. I do also share company values, ethics and really enjoy the work that I do.


Q: When you tell people about your job, what’s the one thing that surprises them, or gets them excited about the work you do?

A: People are most surprised by the impact of my work, the interaction with multiple cultures, and the opportunities this company has afforded me both professionally and personally. Also, the type of flexibility I have while the role is still demanding.


Q: What inspired you most to pursue your current career?

A: My family and my personal expectations inspired me most. I want to continue growing personally and professionally. I know there are still a lot of things that I can learn and deliver, and I am looking forward to achieving them.

I have a three-year-old son (plus I am expecting my second one [insert smiley emoji]) and I really want to demonstrate by example the great things that commitment, vision, passion and smart work could bring.


Maria del Angel and the India teamMaria del Angel and the India team

Q: Data shows that women are underrepresented in STEM. In celebration of Women’s History Month, why do you feel changing this dynamic is important and how do you feel other women professionals can help STEM inclusion and diversity?

A: I feel that this underrepresentation is limiting women to take professional and even personal choices based on their skills, preferences and abilities and even more due to the type of circumstances they are living under. This  dynamic has to change, starting with changes in the society and education. More than half of the population are women, many of them with great potential and ideas that would absolutely make a positive change in world through their contributions to the STEM industries.

By changing stereotypes and demonstrating the great contributions that women could make in all industries, we can all help other women to recognize their real career skills, encouraging girls to explore degrees that are related to computer science, engineering, physics, etc. but most importantily to promote a growth mindset environment.


I make my mark at HPE by living inside the element, bringing new ideas, ensuring successful projects and supporting people’s development.

Maria del Angel Solis, Senior Manager Sales Operations at Hewlett Packard EnterpriseMaria del Angel Solis, Senior Manager Sales Operations at Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Maria del Angel has been with HPE for 13.5 years currenlty holding a Sales Operations Senior Manager role. Her ongoing tenacity has taken her from sales, customer service, data analysis and program management roles. She is a true customer first and customer last advocate who feels that team work, leading by example while being proactive and building partnerships hasn't taken her career to the next level.

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