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HPE in Belgium Celebrates Winning the Attentia 2019 Vital Company Award



HPE in Belgium launched a three year Corporate Vitality plan, Health = Power + Energy, in collaboration with our external Health and Prevention advisor partner, Attentia with the support of Sport Med and Cef/vora last year.

The program focuses on three key areas:

1.   Improving employee health, resilience and overall wellness
2.  Increasing employee engagement through interactive activities
3.  Bringing “fun” to the workplace

Each year has a different theme and focus area.

-  Year One: Moving

-  Year Two: Eating

-  Year Three: Sleeping

Our first year of the program is complete. Over 33% of our employees participated in at least one aspect of the “Moving” three part program - completing body posture scans, fitness check-ups and five test workshops.

Body Posture Scan
   -   Employees were invited to have their body posture scanned and an analysis completed of their posture and mobility.
   -   Based upon their results:
Tips and tricks were provided to improve to each employee on ways they could improve their posture.
Each employee received a customized handbook of exercises to increase their mobility as well as reduce neck and back pain.

Fit Check-up
   -  Each employee was invited to complete a Fit Check-Up.
   -  Stationary bikes were used by employees to determine their physical endurance, cardio score and body composition.

Based upon their results:Workshops
   -  Each employee was provided an individually tailored training program. A Heart Rate Coach was assigned to support   and help monitor their activities.
   -  Results were measured four times annually to encourage employees to training throughout the year.
   -  Employees who were already involved with sports, had the opportunity to measure their progress.
   -  The goal of having a “year-long” program was to help employees develop lifelong healthy lifestyle habits.

Five Taste Workshops
   -  Mind/Soul Workshops focused on techniques for dealing with stress.
   -  The type of workshops conducted included yoga, mindfulness and breathing techniques.

We are thrilled to report that year one, “Moving” was a success. As a result of the “Moving” initiative, our employee’s average cardio score improved by over 1 point this year from 2.7 to 3.9. 70% of the employees who completed a Fit Check-up completed the full year program. In recognition of our team’s achievement, HPE in Belgium was honoured to receive the 2019 Attentia Vital Company Award. We are only the 2nd company to receive this recognition in Belgium. The other company awarded has been administering the Fit Check-up to their employees for several years in a row.

Even more gratifying than receiving this prestigious award, it to see the impact it has made on our employee’s lives. For several, completing the Fit Check-up was really a wake-up call and caused them to choose a healthier lifestyle. In fact, some of our employees now bicycle to work instead of driving a car - which benefits not only their fitness but the environment. Several of our employees not only improved their fitness level but lost weight. In fact, one employee lost 27 kilograms.

An employee shared his experience:

Marc V.
“Overweight and out of shape, I was a good candidate for HPE’s fit checkup. The plan pushed me to get results and changed my mindset. The advice on heart rate targets really helped finding the right exercises.
Health, Power and Energy is exactly what I got out of it and I don’t want to go back to how I was; my new clothes wouldn’t fit anymore.”

As we move into year two of the program, Eating, can’t wait to see the positive impact of this year’s focus area on each HPE in Belgium employee. What a great feeling working for a company committed to Employee Wellness.











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