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HPE is a Family Affair

Back when I started at HP back in 1983, there were many social events such as Bring Your Kid to Work Day, Company Picnics and Holiday Parties for each season. I never would have imagined how the HP Culture impacted my son and my family while participating in these events. Due to this impact, my son aspired to work alongside me at HPE. Today, my two sons and my Daughter-in-Law are all proud to be HPE employees.

TJ Helm, Antonio Neri and Teronzo HelmTJ Helm, Antonio Neri and Teronzo Helm

I’m Teronzo Helm, Sr. and I’ve been with the company for 35 years. Throughout my years as an engineer and leader, I’ve adapted to the many business changes within in HP/HPE with all of mergers, acquisitions and growth of the company to the separations of companies. Ultimately, my journey has been a fulfilling one and to see my sons and family following in my footsteps is an indescribably, rewarding experience.

Teronzo Sr. and  TJ HelmTeronzo Sr. and TJ Helm

In 2012, Teronzo Helm, Jr. (TJ) applied for position at HP, and he was hired as a Public Sector Agent. A young lady, by the name of Ashley Rogers, was hired on in 2012 as a Critical Event Manager in the same department. Their friendship quickly materialized into something much more lovely and in 2016 my son married his best friend, Ashley Helm. Both of them were top-performers in their respective positions and were promoted to several roles throughout their tenure within HPE. Ashley is now a people manager for the Custom Solution Managers and TJ is a Technical Account Manager (TAM) managing high-visibility, Value-Portfolio customer accounts.  Along with this great family connection, my youngest son a graduate of the Kennesaw State University (KSU) was hired as an intern at HPE in the Control Tower Agent position.  In 2018, he was converted to a full time position after completing his Bachelors of Business Administration degree in Information Security and Assurance.

Ashley and Teronzo Sr. HelmAshley and Teronzo Sr. Helm

All of the Helm family members currently at HPE are heavily involved in Employee Engagement and Culture at the HPE ALF Site, some are listed below:

TJ and Ashley HelmTJ and Ashley HelmTeronzo “TJ” Helm Jr. is currently the Black Employee Network (BEN) President at the HPE Alpharetta, Georgia Site. He was also a Board Member of Young Employee Network FY17/18 and is still a member of the YEN ERG.

Ashley Helm was previously Young Employee Network (YEN) President in FY16 and is still a member of the YEN ERG.  He is a member of the CSC NA & LATAM Organization’s Culture Group driving Employee Engagement and Culture









TJ and Tyler Teronzo Sr.TJ and Tyler Teronzo Sr.

Teronzo Helm Sr. was the Executive Sponsor of the Black Employee Network (BEN) and is still a member.

Tyler is a member of Black Employee Network (BEN) and Young Employee Network (YEN)

In the HPE Alpharetta location, there are 4 employees with the last name Helm who are related in various positions which is aligned to Alpharetta location’s family feel and mood with the people, facilities, and site activities that make HPE a great place to work. 



I believe the HPE values, which are congregate with my family values, throughout the years have permeated within the Helm family creating generations of HPE employees.

TJ, Teronzo and Tyler Helm (Dad and his two sons)TJ, Teronzo and Tyler Helm (Dad and his two sons)

Teronzo D. Helm, Global Technology Senior Mgr. at HPETeronzo D. Helm, Global Technology Senior Mgr. at HPE
About the Writers 
Teronzo Helm is an experienced senior level Global Technology Manager with over 35+ years of experience in the IT global technology industry with a MBA focused in General Management and International Studies from Kennesaw State University. Skilled in Service Delivery, Coaching, Enterprise Software, HPE Products, and ITIL. He has broad experience in the following:

• Designing and optimizing technology operations.
• Years of experience in technical engineering and people management.
• Executive solution selling.
• Strong business development professional.
• Transformation and strategic planning of organizations.
• Astute negotiator, mitigator, and problem-solver.
• Delivering exceptional customer satisfaction, execution of integration and divestitures plan
• Helping customers drive their digital transformations.
• Strong profit/loss finance experience with global budgets in excess of 50M+. 

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Ashley Helm, Manager at Hewlett Packard EnterpriseAshley Helm, Manager at Hewlett Packard EnterpriseAshley Helm is a  Honors Graduate from Spelman College with a degree in English.  She was hired shortly after graduation as an Incident Management Agent/Critical Event Manager with HPE.  In her seven years with HPE, she has served in Incident Management, Operations and Leadership roles.  

In management for over 2.5 years, managed the Critical Event Manager Team for a little over a year and is not managing  Custom Solutions Managers.  In her free time, she loves spending with her family, best friends, and husband Teronzo "TJ" Helm Jr. of over two years now.  They are welcoming a little boy into the world this May.

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