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HPE releases its first Living Progress Report







I’m delighted to announce the release of our first Living Progress Report as Hewlett Packard Enterprise. With our new company comes a new three part format intended to make relevant information more easily accessible to our many stakeholders. 

This is a historic reporting year for us, as it marks our first as a new company, separated from Hewlett-Packard Company in November 2015, and last that we will report combined data with HP, Inc.  In perusing our 2015 reports, you will see the impact the two companies had together, as well as the fresh approach HPE is taking through Living Progress to unite people, ideas and technology to solve the world’s toughest challenges.

For example:

  • At HPE we’re helping customers increase efficiency and decrease power consumption by designing new IT architectures which succeed in a data-rich, but resource constrained world.  This includes HPE ProLiant G9 servers that match processing power to workload, reducing energy use by up to 20%.  HPE Aruba offers efficient and secure wireless networking, typically using 43% less power than wired networks.  And we know our HPE IoT Platform holds vast potential to leverage the power of connectivity while optimizing resources.   
  • Our commitment to human rights remains of critial importance to HPE.  A recent example is our role as a founding member of the Leadership Group for Responsible Recruitment.  This collaboration allows us to continue raising the bar for the fair treatment of workers across our supply chain, promoting ethical recruitment and combating the exploitation of migrant workers across industries.
  • Living Progress is also working to close the digital divide by investing in skills and increasing access to the power of technology.  Through our open source Living Progress Challenge we’ve done so by asking: what software applications & digital services would you create to improve people’s lives?  The Challenge generated proposals ranging from financial inclusion to gender, education, agriculture & healthcare thus illustrating HPE's use of digital transformation to drive social innovation.

We are proud of what has been accomplished together as one Hewlett-Packard.  Going forward, I am confident the new HPE will continue to harness the power of technology in ways which drive innovative solutions with scale and impact.


Lara Birkes
Former Chief Sustainability Officer and Vice President


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Lara Birkes is HPE’s former Chief Sustainability Officer and Vice President, Living Progress. Follow Lara @LaraBirkes