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HPE's New Benefits, Work That Fits Your Life

It's an exciting time at Hewlett Packard Enterprise and a culture of innovation focused on people and inclusion continues to be a core component of who we are. As we celebrated Employee Appreciation Day, recognizing and celebrating our team members’ contributions, a new chapter at HPE commenced.

“With my 20 plus years at this company, our culture and employees’ experiences are especially important to me. My personal experiences as both an employee, and now as the CEO, have helped me understand that you benefit your customers and partners when you have a team that feels appreciated and supported. My philosophy is that happy employees equal happy customers and partners.” - Antonio Neri, President and CEO

Here are five enhanced employee benefits, “Work That Fits Your Life” to get excited about:HPE Work that Fits Your Life BenefitsHPE Work that Fits Your Life Benefits


Six Months Paid Parental Leave: No parent should have to miss out on the first few months of their child’s life. Mothers and fathers across the company will be provided at least 6 months of leave, at 100% of pay, to bond with their child during the first year after birth or adoption.

Parental Transition Support: A new child changes everything, including schedules. New parents will be able to apply to work part-time for up to 36 months following the birth or adoption of a child.

Wellness Fridays: We work to live, we don’t live to work. Employees will be encouraged to leave the office three hours early on a designated Friday each month to volunteer, focus on physical or emotional health, or spend time on personal or career development. Employees will be paid as normal for this time.

Career Reboot: This program offers job opportunities at HPE to individuals, such as stay-at-home-parents, who have been out of the workforce for an extended period of time and are ready to restart their careers.

Retirement Transition Support: Retiring is a major life transition. Employees within one year of retirement may apply to work part-time to help ease their transition to post-working life.

Work shouldn’t be your life—work should fit your life. Learn more about HPE’s new chapter and take the first step in starting the next chapter in your career.

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