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HPE to advance disability inclusion efforts on Global Accessibility Awareness Day



Disabilities Network is excited for Global Accessibility Awareness Day (May 20) and in order to help HPE team members develop their accessibility awareness, we sat down with Drew Lietzow, Disabilities Network Co-Chair, to understand how this HPE resource group will celebrate GAAD:

  • On GAAD, a Q&A article with an HPE U.S. team member from the HPE Product Accessibility Program Office will be posted for all HPE team members to read. We will also feature a video with Jill Houghton, President & CEO, Disability:IN, and Michael Lopez, HPE Chief Diversity Officer. Team members will learn about the benefits of accessibility, how inaccessibility leads to exclusion, and practical tips for developing accessible files, documents, websites, products, and more.


  • On GAAD, an HPE Canada team member will share accessibility tips for PowerPoint presentations, helping presenters connect better with their audiences around the globe. This will be one part of a multi-part series to better equip team members with the skills they need to make their outputs accessible and inclusive for people with disabilities.


  • On GAAD, we will encourage team members in both technical and non-technical roles to take advantage of the many free, live training sessions offered by Deque U.

The following week Disabilities Network will host an event featuring a Senior Accessibility Evangelist from Microsoft. Team members will learn more about the accessibility features contained in popular Microsoft products that they use every day.

About the Author: 

Drew Lietzow, Executive Communications Manager at Hewlett Packard EnterpriseDrew Lietzow, Executive Communications Manager at Hewlett Packard EnterpriseDrew Lietzow has worked at Hewlett Packard Enterprise in both technical and non-technical roles. He works in Global Communications as Internal & Executive Communications Manager for HPE Pointnext Services Supply Chain and sits on that organization’s leadership team.

He serves as Disabilities Network Co-Chair, a Change Champion at HPE headquarters, Culture Catalyst, and more. A savvy globetrotter and former expat for more than 10 years, Drew mastered the use of chopsticks and hopes to one day catch a flying dagger with his teeth (or continue his passion for tea, whichever seems more likely).




Stay connected to Drew via LinkedIn and for more insights about HPE Culture or career opportunities, visit HPE Careers, find your new path, and join the team today! 


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