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Hewlett Packard Enterprise in Bulgaria: how it all started and where we are today!

Being part of the Talent Acquisition team in Bulgaria, Marieta frequently receives questions about Hewlett Packard Enterprise and how it’s like to work here. Read all about her experience. 
Sophia, BulgariaSophia, Bulgaria

Being part of the Talent Acquisition team in Bulgaria, I frequently receive questions about Hewlett Packard Enterprise and how it’s like to work here. That’s why I thought it’s better to write a short blog about it, and tell you more about the center and available opportunities:

Hewlett Packard Enterprise is one of the leaders in the delivery of information technology, software services and solutions to companies of all sizes, offering the most comprehensive portfolio on the IT services market as well as servers, storage, networking technologies, services and solutions.
How it started? Hewlett Packard set foot in Bulgaria in 1998 and quickly became one of the leaders on the IT market. In 2006 the Global Business Center was created. For the last 10 years, the center has been growing and serving, and ever increasing number of customers, becoming the largest employer in the field of IT in Bulgaria and currently employing over 4,000 skilled professionals. On November 1st, 2015 we became Hewlett Packard Enterprise. And we are still growing!

Hewlett Packard Enterprise teams in front of the Business Park in Sofia, BulgariaHewlett Packard Enterprise teams in front of the Business Park in Sofia, Bulgaria

Our mission and strategy
In HPE, every employee plays a role in achieving our main goal: enable business transformation and future growth. How do we do that? Through focusing on four key areas:
· Transforming to a hybrid infrastructure by helping customers seamlessly manage information across traditional IT and private, managed and public cloud environments
· Empowering a data-driven organization engineered to turn information into insight, and insight into action
· Protecting their digital enterprise to manage risk, monitor operations, protect information and applications and sustain operational integrity
· Enabling workplace productivity to create best-in-class experiences for employees, customers and partners through mobility and networking solutions
Accelerating your career with HPE Bulgaria
As a recruiter, I am often approached by candidates who want to understand what careers we offer. There’s no simple answer to that, as we are one of the few companies in the country, that offer such a huge variety of both technical and non-technical roles. I could summarize them in four main areas:
· Management of IT infrastructure and Software support: corporate clients are being served from the early stages of drafting a proposal, through the creation of the design, implementation of IT infrastructure, monitoring and maintenance. The HPE Software unit in Bulgaria is oriented towards maintenance and design corporate software solutions, QA (quality assurance) and administration of licenses.
· IT Process Management: managing IT projects (Project Management), implementation or optimization of IT processes in the context of ITIL / ITSM methodology, account management.
· Management and administration of business processes: supporting the main activities of the company such as Administration, Business Analysis, Supply Chain, Finance, Human Resources
· Customer Support: Teams of professionals diagnose problems remotely and provide solutions to corporate clients in different languages.
Why Hewlett Packard Enterprise?HR team celebrating the Power of Prevention campaign, part of HPE Wellness ProgramHR team celebrating the Power of Prevention campaign, part of HPE Wellness Program
I believe Hewlett Packard Enterprise is unique because the company creates a working environment that provides the necessary balance between professional and personal life. HPE offers flexible work options and a cool Wellness program, which is unique in its diversity. Along with a rich choice of sport activities, HPE employees have the chance to attend various internal sessions, and can sign up for free consultations with legal, financial and psychology specialists.
At Hewlett Packard Enterprise, everyone has the opportunity to take a leadership role, regardless of the position that they hold. Leadership could mean various things, from leading through excellence and innovation in the chosen field, serving as a role model to others or taking formal leadership and becoming a supervisor or manager. This is why we are constantly looking for people who want to develop and have a drive for action. Each employee can manage their own career, as HPE offers diverse opportunities for employees to grow and win through a combination of business models, different types of customers, geographic presence and functional roles.
The Center in Bulgaria is growing and offers a variety of opportunities for both young graduates, and experienced professionals. We are on the lookout for people with IT / Project Management oriented profiles in the following technologies: IT Security, Storage, Backup, Mainframe, iSeries AS400, Network, Oracle, SQL, Messaging and Collaboration, Windows, VMWare, Citrix, Cloud, Unix / Linux, Web & Middleware. We are also seeking process-oriented, administrative, HR and business-oriented professionals. For our Software direction we are looking for QA engineers and specialists in the maintenance of software.
We put very big focus on our internship programs and work in partnership with different Universities in the country. At Hewlett Packard Enterprise we offer the opportunity of gaining practical experience with new technologies in a corporate environment, paying special attention to training in the first months.
Through paid programs for young professionals, HPE provides the perfect environment and conditions for people just starting their career.
Our internship programs are open to candidates who are in the process of completing their higher education and include both technical and non-technical (business and process-oriented) positions.
How you can join our team
If you’ve read this blog post and think about making a change and joining our team, first thing you should do is visit our website: and search for the career that matches your profile. Don’t forget to filter the locations and choose Bulgaria as a destination! Then all you have to do is review the list of career opportunities available and hit Apply. And, who knows, maybe I get to review your application and call you for a pre-screening interview! Good luck!

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Marieta Stefanova, Talent Acquisition lead at Hewlett Packard Enterprise BulgariaMarieta Stefanova, Talent Acquisition lead at Hewlett Packard Enterprise BulgariaMarieta Stefanova is a Talent Acquisition Adviser who started with HP about one year ago, and from November 2015 is part of Hewlett Packard Enterprise. She is passionate about recruitment, and making a difference by bringing the best talent to the company. You can connect with Marieta on LinkedIn.





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