'Tis the season for plates loaded with turkey and mashed potatoes, but for some IT managers and staff, that’s not the only plate they’re worried about filling.

If you’re looking to make an IT staffing change or boost your own career, we’re serving up advice-filled reading to help you along the path. Read up and enjoy your holiday gatherings with stronger direction and greater peace of mind.

Note: These are "second helpings"—articles we published earlier this year that you may have missed. And if you caught them before, they’re worth another read.

How much IT staff do you need?

Small to midsize businesses have specific IT staffing needs, but just how much IT staff is required to get the job done? And what parts should be outsourced vs. kept in-house? Experts weigh in.

When the right job applicant looks wrong on paper

Hiring great—but unusual—employees means overlooking typical red flags. And sometimes it means actually looking for those special markers.

Designing a hiring practice for autistic IT staff

The neurodiversity movement is gaining momentum, as corporate sponsorship builds on lessons learned from hiring people on the spectrum.

Becoming a data scientist: The career path for job changers

It's no secret that data science is a good career path. The jobs are in demand, the salaries are compelling, and the work is interesting. So how does someone break in?

Public-interest technologists: An up-and-coming career path

Leading security experts make a call to arms for volunteers who possess the critical thinking, creativity, and passion required to strengthen security and apply it to social causes.

Your first IT security job: Three things that might surprise you

So you've gotten your first infosec job—congratulations! Here's what to expect in terms of paying your dues.

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Desiree Chavez
Hewlett Packard Enterprise