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Growing up in Western Kansas, Julie Fawdington knew that she had a passion for the human mind and wanted to study it further in college. After speaking with a mentor of hers, she realized that organizational psychology was her chosen path in life. Julie has a fundamental interest in how the human mind works and has devoted her career to using those principles to the workplace.



Julie started her career as an HR Intern with Caterpillar and then worked in consulting, starting up a coaching and leadership development practice. Prior to HPE, Julie was a Learning & Development Manager, IT Manager and Change Manager. In 2018, she started at HPE as the NextGen IT Management of Change Lead where she has excelled to the point of promotion to Director of Management of Change, Communications and Employee Engagement in May of 2020.

Starting from her interview with HPE, Julie knew that this was the company for her as she saw HPE’s passion for employees immediately. She quickly latched onto this idea and created a playbook for employee communication and the management of change for HPE IT. She bases all her work on her fundamental desire to help employees become more successful at work.

Julie has evolved in her position and it currently working on building an intern program for tech students at the end of their college career launching in 2021 to build a pipeline of new talent. The students would intern in their final summer, work part time remotely during their final year in school and then ideally become a full time HPE employee upon graduation. Julie is excited for this program as she can help to prepare these student/new hires to become long term employees of HPE.

In her personal life, Julie is a loving wife and mother to two beautiful twin 4-year-old boys. Julie and her family have enjoyed the time home together during the time in lockdown for COVID 19 but the entire family is looking forward to get back to their normal life of traveling and going to the beach.

Julie is excited to continue down her path at HPE and get back into the office so that she can see her co-workers every day. She is confident that she can be a positive contributing team member and hopes to help make work more enjoyable and more productive for all that she encounters at work.

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Julie Fawdington holds degrees in Industrial/Organizational Psychology and loves working with the human mind. She uses her skills to help make the workplace the best that it can be. 

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