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How HPE Partner Intensity Global Achieved Stellar Growth

Intensity Global Partner wins big with HPEIntensity Global Partner wins big with HPE

Businesses want not only to grow, but also to sustain that growth. In order to attain that, Intensity Global Technologies Pvt Ltd. understood that they needed to raise the bar in the way they serve their customers. The first step for this was to think and act strategically - by transforming from within.

The vision

Director of Intensity Global, Aditya Narain Kakkar shared, “Digital transformation is the business game changer today. I saw the potential of growing with our current customers and prospects. To do this meant making a commitment to our people, which in turn benefits our customers and our business.

At Intensity Global, our people recognize and value the importance of HPE Partner Ready Certification and Learning. Our team blends upgrading technical skills with on-the-ground experience to serve our customers and prospects better.

Intensity Global's edge

Intensity Global focused on investing in training through HPE Partner Ready Certification and Learning. The reason is compelling. In just a few years, the company leaped from Silver Partner level in the HPE Partner Ready program to achieve the Platinum Partner status – the highest membership level for partners that meet HPE’s annual technical competency and revenue requirements.

With HPE Partner Ready Certification and Learning's structured offering, there is a progressive learning approach that allows the company to develop and nurture its staff into highly trained and qualified individuals. As such, Intensity Global is able to field a competent and confident best-in-class team in a highly competitive market.

 In addition, the prestige of HPE Partner Ready Certification has given customers greater confidence in Intensity Global. This has allowed the company to stay true to its values of forging relationships with clients based on transparency and trust.

With HPE Partner Ready Certification, our staff see themselves learning, growing and contributing to our business. That sense of purpose drives satisfaction and is a win-win model for all.

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