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How To: Customize Your Learning Path With HPE Partner Learning

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Everyone has his or her own style of learning. From hardcover books, instructor-led training, self-study, and whitepapers, we all have our preferred methods for learning.

To make learning and achieving certifications as easy as possible, we have created a wide variety of training and self-study material. To find this great content, visit our Certification and Learning portal or login to your My Learning portal.


Course delivery covers many different formats, depending on the course type, material, and student requirements for delivery. A complete list of courses are available on our Certification and Learning portal

Course Type:

ILT - Instructor Led

RAIL - Remote Assisted ILT

VILT - Virtual Instructor Led

OILT - Online Technical Seminar - content only

SCA - Special Course/Activity

VISPEL - Video Instructor Self Paced eLearning

OJT - On the Job Training

VCL - Virtual Class (Live)

VLAB - Virtual Lab (Instructor)

OST - Onsite Dedicated Training

VCR - Virtual Class (Recorded)

VLSP - Virtual Lab (Self-Paced)

HPE Press Books


HPE Press is the official publisher for HPE Partner Ready Certification and Learning study guides. Books cover our popular certifications and the list of available books continues to grow. We also have reference books and free eBooks. All of our exam guides are available in hardcover or eBook (Adobe Digital Rights Management) format.

Learning Plans

Learning Plans are found in your My Learning portal. Learning Plans are tailored to your skills and learning needs. From the My Learning portal, select “Learning Plans”. You are asked to select a Technology, Job Role, and level of expertise. Once you are satisfied with your learning plan, click “[+] Add to My Learning Plans”.


My Learning Spotlight

You My Learning Spotlight is based on your areas of interest and job role. Changing your interests is as easy as selecting new “Areas of Interest”. This is a great tool for managers and employees looking to expand their skills and knowledge. Say you have an employee you need to skill up on Big Data, Cloud, and Converged Infrastructure. Select appropriate job role and “Areas of Interest”. This tool takes the guesswork out of your training plans.


 The Learning Center

The Learning Center is your source for HPE Certification and Learning training. Once you login to The Learning Center, you can access certifications, courses, training opportunities, and exam links. Your personalized transcript automatically records your learning plans and achievements.

The learning center is a repository of available courses, webinars, and other learning material. You can search and register for an online training course by name or ID. You can also personalize your Learning Plan settings. We have a quick tutorial explaining the latest enhancements,

Before you are granted access to The Learning Center, you must "Get started" with the program.

My Certification Coach

You Certification Coach is accessible from the My Learning portal and recommends certifications based on your profile. If you are looking to advance or grow your career, My Certification Coach is the tool for you. My Certification Coach is an ideal tool for anyone looking to upgrade your skills and knowledge with an industry proven HPE certification.

What is your favorite way to learn? We would like to hear from you in the comments section below.

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