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How can an HPE certification help me?


Holding an industry recognized IT certification in today’s fast moving Idea Economy has never been so critical in making a positive impact on your company’s business growth. Partners who focus on training and advanced certifications for their team will have a unique ability to help their customers focus on broad solutions and not just on products. And, in turn, partners will achieve better business outcomes for their customers.

HPE Master ASEs have told us that holding an advanced HPE certification helped them increase deal size and get better close rates1 through validation of the crucial skills that are needed to build the sales pipeline, increase their close rate and create brand preference.

Partners who differentiate their business with certified team members gain a competitive advantage, increased profit, and grow customer trust and wallet share. Knowledgeable representatives understand the bigger IT picture and can confidently help customers accelerate their IT transformation and help customers get the most out of their solutions.

"In a recent Pearson Vue survey, 65% of all learners who received industry certifications saw a positive impact on their personal reputation and image."

In my 20+ year career in this industry, as I moved up the certification stack, my personal reputation, and value to my employer grew. Once I achieved and held multiple Master ASE certifications, I was able to help my partner organization win larger deals and create a stronger brand preference. My fellow Master ASEs will all tell you the same thing. Once you start your certification journey, you will start to realize the benefits that come with holding a Master ASE certification.

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