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How to Sell the Right Way

HPE Partner Certification and Learning

We all know the way people buy has fundamentally changed. It used to be you could call up a client, talk about a new product or service, how it will help the IT department, and shake hands on a deal.

Those who control budget spend (line of business people) are more knowledgeable and understand what products, solutions and services you offer. What they might not know is:

  • What is your company's point of view
  • Business outcomes from adopting new solutions
  • How will this make my company more profitable and productive

You need to be prepared to ask the right questions, listen, and build a clear picture of your customer's business challenges and how you can solve them using technology the right way.

Building Better Conversations

Customers quickly lose interest if you start conversations off by telling them about your new service or solution offerings. You may get a first appointment but not a second. What you have to say about your company products, information they can easily look up on the internet, does not add value to the conversation. I have a few suggestions for better conversations.

  • Be prepared. Never ask a question you could easily find the answer to on their corporate website
  • Share with them your point of view using customer success stories
  • Rather than asking what business challenges they are experiencing, talk to them about the challenges you are seeing in the marketplace, challenges other customers are facing, and ask about their strategy for dealing with issues around big data, security, mobility, data analytics 
  • Give the customer direction on what the competition and other customers are doing

Getting Started

We have created an industry leading sales certification which focuses on helping you build pipeline by speaking with your customers about what's on their mind. Its a consultative approach that will pay huge benefits in terms of pipeline growth and follow up meetings. This has proven to be far more effective when talking to line of business leaders. 70% of this course covers hybrid IT environments. Why? Because whenever we speak to business leaders, we talk hybrid IT and how it will change the 70/30 rule. You know, 70% of the time IT is working on problems. 30% is spent on innovation. Moving critical infrastructure to a hybrid IT environment allows IT staff to innovate, improving employee productivity, and business profit, reducing the amount of time spend dealing with problems.

Our flexible training delivery model allows you to take the course at your own pace. You can spread it out over several days or complete it in a single sitting. Although I don't recommend it as the training is five hours and 30 minutes (5 ½) hours in length. Register for the training today to get your copy of the study guide,

You can learn more about the HPE Sales Certified – Enterprise Solutions [2016] certification by visiting our website. You must register for the course in order to download the study guide.

Validate Your Skills

There are 50 questions and you have 1 hour and 15 minutes to complete the test. Questions are fair and test your knowledge of the training. Passing score is 70%. To date, we’ve seen an average 85% pass rate. We recommend you don't attempt to test out with this exam. Test out means attempting the exam without reading the study guide first.

When it comes time to sit the exam, take advantage of the digital study guide and use a second monitor. The study guide is keyword searchable, making it easier to find answers to questions you may have forgotten Display the exam on one monitor and search the study guide on the second display.

Learn more about HPE2-E65 and the exam objectives here.

Steps to acquire this certification

Before you begin:

Acquire access to The Learning Center and get an HPE Learner ID. Then create a profile with Pearson VUE, our exam delivery vendor. 
Learn how in the Learning Center Assist Kit.

Step 1: Do you qualify for an upgrade path?

There are no upgrade paths available for this certification.

Step 2: Register or apply for this certification

Register for this certification in The Learning Center.

Step 3: Verify or complete prerequisites

There are no prerequisites required for this certification. Please move to Step 4.

Step 4: Complete recommended training

Training is highly recommended to pass each exam. Training is not required, but it will help prepare you for the exams and increase your chances of passing the exams.

Course: Training for Exam HPE2-E65: Selling HPE Enterprise Solutions
Typical Duration: 5 hours 30 minutes
Format: WBT (Web Based)
Register: Take Course

Step 5: Pass the required exams

Complete the following:

Exam #

Exam name



Selling HPE Enterprise Solutions   


Certification achieved

You will receive an email notification 2-5 days after successfully completing all requirements. In addition, your status in The Learning Center will change to "acquired". Track your training and certification progress through your transcripts in The Learning Center.

Next Steps

Download your e-certificate from your personal My Learning portal. While you are here, take the time to access free learning tools, HPE experts, our global community of IT professionals. Explore other Learning Plans to accelerate your career. If you have questions, we are here to answer them. 

Let me know what you think of the training and exam. Has it helped you engage with clients? Do you see an improvement in customer conversations? We always want to hear back from you on your success stories. 

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