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How well do you really know HPE Synergy?

HPE ASE - Synergy Solutions IntegratorHPE ASE - Synergy Solutions Integrator

Learn at your own pace and prepare for the HPE ASE Synergy Solutions Integrator V1 certification exam (HPE0-S50) with the new HPE Press Study Guide. The certification validates that you have the skills and expertise to configure, implement and install HPE Synergy solutions; it serves to position you and your organization as a trusted HPE Synergy advisor to customers.

This study guide also provides a valuable on-the-job reference for anyone involved in integrating HPE Synergy Solutions into a customer environment. With a focus on the practical aspects of implementation, there is in-depth coverage of the following topics:

  • Moving workloads to a composable infrastructure
  • Planning and designing Synergy solutions
  • Installation, configuration, and set up
  • Troubleshooting
  • Monitoring and maintaining Synergy solutions
  • Using HPE Synergy Image Streamer and HPE OneView

Coming in at over 400 pages, the study guide provides solutions to twenty-two different customer questions and objections like:

  • “Competitive offerings provide a single, unified tool for infrastructure administration and provisioning, but it seems that HPE Synergy requires multiple different tools and interfaces.”
  • “Synergy cabling appears to be complex and convoluted, and that will cause routing and management issues. Also, we can’t accept the risk of having management traffic and data traffic on the same network, so the Synergy fabric will not work in our environment.”
  • If your customer needs support for data-intensive and demanding workloads such as in-memory and structured databases, but does not need the extended RAS capability of the Intel EX platform, which Synergy compute module should you recommend?Ken RadfordKen Radford


This study guide was written by Ken Radford who holds six HPE certifications and served as the courseware developer for the Integrating HPE Synergy Solutions, Rev. 17.31 course.

The HPE ASE – Synergy Solution Integrator Certification study guide is available in Hardcover or eBook on HPE Press. Right now, until 15th September, the hardcover book is $49.00 USD marked down from $69.99 USD and the eBook is $42.00 USD marked down from $59.99 USD.

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I’ve been in marketing in high-tech for 20+ years.


Nice article! The Study Guide is ideally suited for anyone who needs to know Synergy essentials for customer engagements and implementations. It also helps Pre-Sales prepare for technical certification in Synergy at the ASE level. Finally, it takes you to a more in-depth understanding of composable infrastructure and software defined storage as gamechanging innovations for hybrid IT. A great on-the-job resource!

This HPE ASE Synergy study guide is a tremendous resource for helping you attain your certification and as a reference afterwards. Get your copy now while there is a discount.