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Human Element: HPE’s Hector Ordonez volunteers and makes a difference

Part of this series is to share more employee stories from around the world. We recently had the pleasure to meet with Hector Ordonez from Mexico.  Hector makes an impact on HPE’s employee advocacy team, as well as through his volunteer work.  He has a passion for helping others and has been able to use his expertise through volunteering activities since his university days

Hector Jorge OrdonezHector Jorge Ordonez

Can you share a bit about your journey to HPE?
Yes, I am Hector Jorge Ordonez, Content Strategist in HPE’s Marketing department. I am based on Guadalajara, Mexico since 2017. I studied Communications at University and finished my degree in 2014. As part of my studies, we are required to complete ~500 hours of professional practices and social service. Through my time at an NGO, and the friends I made there, I found work in 2015 as a Content Writer and Translator for websites in a small start-up for a couple of years before joining HPE in 2016.


When did you start volunteering with La Casa de Las Flores, and how did you find the organization?
It was through the University that I started working with an NGO, La Casa de las Flores or “House of Flowers’ in the south east of Mexico in the small town of San Cristobal de las Casas.

La Casa de Las FloresLa Casa de Las Flores


Can you tell us more about the organization’s mission and why it is important to you?
The mission of La Casa de las Flores is to be a shelter in the town where ~2000 children are living in poverty and not able to go to school because they have to work.  The house provides them with a daily meal and a safe place to be able talk about the dangers they'll face as working children.  In exchange for the meal, the children benefit from basic arithmetic and strategic literacy campaigns.


Has the work shifted during the pandemic?
Drastically. Previously, the children helped to spread the word of an existing, “secret” shelter in downtown of the village between the other children, and it was open from 9 to 5 to receive them. Now, the doors are closed, and the children are visiting just to have a breakfast delivery, and a small kit, containing face mask and hand sanitizer is provided for them also. We don’t know when the shelter will be able to open its doors again and get back to normal.


How does volunteering inspire you in your daily work with HPE?
A lot! For me, it's very inspiring to know that the company and the team I represent is concerned with my personal social commitments, and also, that as a global brand we spread a social message of collaboration, inclusion and equality at all levels. That motivates me on my day by day, knowing that I'm identified with the brand values of the company I work for.

Do you have any advice for others who may want to start volunteering in their free time?
First of all, don't be afraid on try new things. And second, there's a huge variety of social causes needing volunteers, so I would say, go for that one that touches your feelings, the one you get identified with it, because that way it would be easier to commit.




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