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IDC talks to HPE Master ASEs about creating business value

HPE Master ASEs featured during Mastermind May.HPE Master ASEs featured during Mastermind May.

Throughout May, we’ve been profiling Master ASEs in our Mastermind May series. We asked them how they got their start, an interesting customer story and tips for those thinking about HPE technical certifications, amongst other things.

We’re not the only ones interviewing HPE Master ASEs. As a follow on to The Real Business Value of a Master ASE Certification blog written by Cushing Anderson, IDC Program Vice President, Business Consulting and IT Education, we invited IDC back to have a conversation with seven Master ASE as part of their IDC Technology Spotlight series. The discussion revolved around the role that technology plays in creating business value and the importance of trust in the client-consultant relationship that comes from a rigorous Master ASE certification.

In the Spotlight article, IDC found that Master ASEs “are confident they build better solutions, solve complex client challenges more quickly, and ultimately help their firms win more business” and “that understanding client issues leads to better solutions and the confidence to build better solutions leads to greater revenue.”

This correlates with what we found when we surveyed a group of Master ASEs1. 4 out of 5 told us that their certifications helped them do their job better and increase their deal size. Their advanced certifications help Master ASEs turn “business and technical requirements into an effective solution,” according to IDC. Markus Gruber of Comport Technology Solutions, one of the HPE Master ASEs interviewed, agreed, "I'm better prepared to go in front of my customers, analyze their needs, and propose a solution that will really help them change their business and increase their profitability."

You can read the full article here: IDC Technology Spotlight


1 Survey of HPE Master ASEs, February 2016

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