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IT professionals from around the world value HPE Certifications

Yesterday we shared five reasons to earn an HPE Certification in 2017. Still not convinced? Hear from some of our HPE certified professionals why they value HPE Certifications.

Rafał SkóraRafał Skóra

“If you are working for a VAR or a System Integrator who is a Hewlett Packard Enterprise Partner, HPE Certifications are a must have.

“HPE Certifications help you easily communicate to your co-workers and clients general IT technology trends and specifically HPE hardware and software solutions that address those trends.

Rafał Skóra

Achieving HPE Master ASE certification level is quite a nice distinction, placing you in small group of really experienced Engineers.



Bambos HaralambousBambos Haralambous

“It shows my employer that I possess the right skills, training, and the recognized industry-based qualifications. When dealing with customers, It gives them confidence that any HPE solution I proposed is based not only on experience but comes with validation from HPE, that I have the training and knowledge to provide the most optimal solution to meet the customers’ business requirements.

Bambos Haralambous


It is a worthwhile effort to earn an HPE Certification. No matter how much you think you know, the training leading to certification always has something to teach you. HPE certifications give your peers and customers confidence in your ability.



Michael SmithMichael Smith

“Personally for me, one of the benefits of earning a Master ASE was gaining a strong sense of accomplishment; more than any other certification, because of all the training and studying and time I put into the certification. I felt like I reached a significant milestone in my career.”

Michael Smith




Why do you value your HPE Certifications? 


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