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Improve your systems skills with new HPE 3PAR Storage self-directed labs

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Hands on experience is often the best tool when learning something new. It’s one of the reasons why HPE Partner Ready Certification and Learning launched new self-directed labs. We want to give technical learners an opportunity to experiment and build their skills in an environment as close to real life situations as possible.

We first launched our self-directed labs with a series of Aruba exercises, and most recently, we have added new HPE 3PAR labs.

The HPE 3PAR Self-directed Labs will help you build and improve your storage skills by creating a hardware environment with guided instructions. You’ll learn about system configuration and deployment, lifecycle management, best-practice network management, and HPE tools management optimization, to name some of the tasks. While you can experiment and “play” with the different configurations in each remote lab, a guide helps you progress through the lab in a structured format if you want a more structured experience.

The exciting aspect about these new labs is that the skills you learn transfer to platforms beyond Storage, like Networking and Servers, too.  As you learn technology solutions in one discipline, it often helps you make the right cognitive connections to learn and adapt in other areas. Learning how to apply the appropriate security to features, identify system issues and failures, and being able to test performance and collect metrics are just a few of the skills in the new HPE 3PAR labs that have cross-platform applicability.

I invite you to check out our newest HPE 3PAR Self-directed labs:



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Jim Lucari leads certification solutions enablement in Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s WW Sales Enablement organization. He is responsible for sales and technical certification exam development and program operation, certification course development, certification architecture and framework, translations, HPE Press publications, and remote lab operations. Jim has been in IT technology work for over 30 years with experience primarily in networking and storage technologies. He has 20 plus years of experience in training development and certification.