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Introducing the new HPE.Design!


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In November, Hewlett Packard Enterprise launched HPE.Design at HPE Discover Madrid 2018 under great excitement and fanfare. HPE.Design is a global program that listens to users to better understand their needs and create intuitive solutions that simplify technology. HPE Design encourages people to question conventional methodologies and deliver better business outcomes by infusing design-thinking and encouraging innovation in everything they do.

This launch is an important milestone as it marked the efforts of many people. Over the past five years, all of us at HPE.Design have worked to establish a design voice in the organization that puts focus on the customer, the improved experiences we create, and our impact as company in the industry. Though our efforts, I’ve found our greatest strength is building a team that’s skilled, loud, and hungry to conquer any challenge. And we’ve got a great crew (and we’re always looking for new talent) to accomplish these goals!

As we continue to transform the whole organization to be more design driven, the HPE.Design team is working on how we solve problems for our customers, and create new and improved products with design experience methodology leading the way. The HPE.Design is a key element for sharing tools and resources with the community, and providing views into our process, for both internal and external teams. It’s great platform for HPE and our customers to collaborate -- whether that’s through social media or direct email.

And we’re just getting started! HPE.Design is not the only initiative we’ve launched. In the coming months, you will see us involved in many industry events and activities across the design community. Please join me as we take the first steps on our next journey at HPE!

Visit the HPE.Design website to find design kits, icons, and sticker sheets for a variety of HPE experiences on many of the popular design platforms.


Chris Carlozzi, 
Head of Design at HPE

Hewlett Packard Enterprise


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