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Jump start your career in 2017 with HPE Partner Ready Certification and Learning

Add a HPE certification to your 2017 goals!Add a HPE certification to your 2017 goals!

Contemplating your New Year’s Resolutions or your goals for 2017? If growing your career is on your list for 2017, earning an HPE Certification should be one of your action items to make that happen. Here are five reasons to obtain an HPE Certification in 2017.

  1. HPE Master ASEs reported they achieve better close rates and increased deal size as a result of their certification.1
  2. 4 out of 5 Master ASEs agree that their certification has helped them do a better job.1
  3. 65% of certified learners saw a positive impact on their professional image and reputation.2
  4. IT professionals with certification and three years of experience have 60% more capability than those with experience alone. 3
  5. 80% of IT managers say training is critical to success.3

HPE Certified professionals earn more respect and are known for their technical knowledge and know-how.

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