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Large-Scale Integrated Photonics researchers from Labs at Optics 21

This week Large-Scale Integrated Photonics researchers from Hewlett Packard Labs presented three sessions at Optics 21, an online conference devoted to optical and photonic interconnects for computing systems.



Among the sessions, Labs Luca Ramini  led the session on Advances on Silicon Photonic Technology and System Integration on April 14 and co-organized with Prof. Ulf Schlichtmann (Technical University of Munich, Germany) and Prof. Mahdi Nikdast (Colorado State University, USA) the entire 2-day OPTICS workshop.

On April 15, Thomas Van Vaerenbergh led a session on Novel Programmable Computing Paradigms using Silicon Photonics.

Additionally, on Wednesday April 14 at 7.50am (PDT), Jinsung Youn presented DWDM Silicon Photonics: From PDK to 3D-Integrated SiPh Receiver Design; and onThursday April 15 at 7.30am (PDT), Ashkan Seyedi, Senior Research Schientist, Hewlett Packard Labs talked about Enabling an Automated Photonic VLSI Design Experience.

As the organizers put it in their introduction, due to the slowdown of Moore's Law, “Silicon-based photonic technologies advanced rapidly in the last two decades and have become promising solutions to complement electronic technologies.” These workshops to which Hewlett Packard Labs researchers contributed so prominently, aim at “discussing the latest advances in optics/photonics for computing systems, covering topics from fabrications, photonic devices, photonic circuits, architectures, system integrations, and design automation and optimization. The workshop targets researchers and engineers working on optics/photonics, electronics, architectures, systems, applications and design automations.”


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