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I’ve been with HPE for 7 years and a people leader for 5 years in Pointnext services, primarily supporting the Custom Handling & Account Management Program, US Soil Support, and Dispatching and HPE badge field engineers for the intelligence community. During my time here I’ve been involved in many projects and transitions, including the recent Cray transition The best thing I get to do is help my people with their careers. It’s the reason I became a leader. I’ve helped over twenty team members to move on to bigger roles and converted over twenty contractors to full-time employees.

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What’s helped me succeed in my career is keeping a positive attitude. There are so many things you can’t control, but having a positive attitude is one you can.

Another would be removing fear of failure and giving yourself the opportunity to try new things. Recently I was asked to help with a customer service training. I haven’t had any experience as a trainer nor am I the biggest fan of public speaking, but I didn’t want to allow any negative thoughts or fear to have me miss a great opportunity that would change the course of my career.  I jumped in feet first and had a great time, ending up training over 500 support engineers. It’s my firm belief that when you’re in a situation you’re not familiar with, that’s when you truly start to grow and challenge yourself.

Building a strong network has also been very important for me and it’s not filled with “yes men”. This is key since you need people to tell you when your ideas are great or not so great.  My network has offered me a number of great opportunities and allowed me to partner with teams when I needed help.

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HPE has been one of the best companies I’ve had the privilege to work for. The investment from employee benefits right through to the extensive amount of training available is impressive. However, what I love the most about HPE is the people. I belong to several Employee Resource Groups which have helped me to broaden my network based on common interests and get to know people both inside and outside of work. I met my first mentor Cecelia Henley through the Black Employee Network (BEN) She has been influential in helping me learn and grow. Her encouragement and coaching have strengthened my leadership skills and given me the tools to succeed in corporate America. Through the Young Employee Network (YEN) I’ve been able to participate in great events like “speed networking” and the “manager dunk tank” to raise money for cancer research. And as the new generation of employees come on board, I’m learning from them every day.

Mike Mero, solution Domain Delivery Manager at HPEMike Mero, solution Domain Delivery Manager at HPEAbout the Author
Mike Mero is a manager in the CSC support customized solutions (CHAMP BLR & AMS), US Soil and FED support. In addition to supporting US Soil & CHAMP customers, he partners with field delivery and global teams on projects and transitions globally.

He is an active member of Black Employee Network, and mentor for Young Employee Network resources groups. In his spare time, he enjoys playing golf. 

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Cassandra Graham

This is a great article and for someone who has reported to you for a few years, you're a great manager!  I thank you for your many contributions and leadership to our team.