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I am currently a Technology Team Lead, part of the Infrastructure Technology Outsourcing (ITO) team, and I handle project delivery. What does this mean? Well, my team manages large scale projects, like migration of customer’s environment from one vendor of service to another (HPE), migration of OS platform, migration of application layer, customized solutions and many more.

We have two main focus areas: Workplace, and the constantly gaining speed - Mobility. We are the ones who cover end-user working place, satisfaction and a smooth workflow. We are also maintaining client company policies, in terms of application deployment, unification of email, application look and feel, application integration, full-blown options of GPO and logon script customized solutions. We can also support current toolsets, in terms of implementation of improvements, and have a footprint in internal toolsets, from a development and consultant perspective.

Dimitar with his team in front of the HPE Bulgaria offices, in the Sofia Business ParkDimitar with his team in front of the HPE Bulgaria offices, in the Sofia Business Park

In HPE, we seek a break-through in status-quo. The Project organization is so full of options, that we step into new ones in really short time frames. I handle the compliance to company requirements in terms of administrative tasks, set of rules, time and ethics, interviewing and reporting. I act as the tech support of my team, but I’m also involved in career development planning, supporting my managers, and as an escalation point in terms of complex solutions and projects. I am monitoring the overall input in project delivery, facilitating team workshops, coaching and consulting, and I am also involved in strategic planning and mentoring. The list can go on and on, my tasks are super diverse and challenging. This makes me love my job every day!


Dimitar’s team taking a selfie in front of the officeDimitar’s team taking a selfie in front of the officeHPE operates on a global scale. Projects that we start every day have an impact across the continents. With the tight time frame that we have, these eight hours per day, we are expected to increase customer satisfaction – see all possible pros and cons, foresee the impact, the numbers, time zone challenges, etc. It’s truly awesome to work with such innovative tools and applications! And delivery is a joint effort– we set up the messaging part (alongside with our Messaging and Collaboration team) in order to provide Skype for Business solution to clients. Or plan deployment of Citrix receiver, once a farm is set by Client Virtualization team. All application preps are supported by highly motivated Packaging and Software Lifecycle teams – even for products challenging like the Internet Explorer, with all the possible options that can be built-in. In HPE, I get to work with a multitude of technologies, and discover the impact I have!

Personal development is a key focus in Hewlett Packard Enterprise. If you have the right skills and motivation, you can develop, grow, build solutions and make them happen, train colleagues, participate in external training forums, driven only by yourself - or in collaboration, leading the customer in new style of IT.
What you do every day has a global impact and you get to work with people all around the world! I remember one of these sessions – a workshop, led by an employee from HPE Spain, with colleagues who joined him from Italy, India, Ireland, Philippines, Norway, USA and Brazil. How cool is that? Getting world-wide recognized professionals in the same room, discussing services and solutions and working together for a better outcome!

Dimitar with his team taking a selfie in front of the officeDimitar with his team taking a selfie in front of the office

Where did it all start? My career began in 2013, back then I was an HP employee. I joined a fast growing team, that had a significant demand in delivery of projects and services. Software deployment was managed by us, with HP proprietary technology. It held a lot of modules, aimed to cover customer needs. I started learning and performing better and better, and I gained the opportunity to lead my team. At the same time, I took a Delivery Lead role for one of the accounts that were being transformed, from an old OS and technology to one used to provide services. Shortly after, a Team Technology Lead role became available and I immediately applied and got the role, the same one I have today in HPE. And this is why HPE is such as a great company and place to work – from stretch assignments, changing roles, to great opportunities to work in cross-function projects and fast networking, you can experience it all.

I see career in HPE as a strong tree with many branches – each one possible at a specific moment, and each leading to a different career path. You can define and pick opportunities on the way – and maybe land the dream job one day. I also feel that in this company I can take decisions and my opinion is respected. And I hope I can continue accelerating career development for my team as well, and make sure HPE is one of the best employers in the IT industry!
If you’re looking for your next challenge, or your dream job in a company where you can accelerate your development, check our available opportunities and apply on our HPE Careers website:

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13227044_1577025355923855_4971588038908323127_n.pngDimitar Dabovis currently a Technology Team Lead in Hewlett Packard Enterprise, and is based in Sofia, Bulgaria. You can connect with him on LinkedIn.










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