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Learn about how the Japan SEED Center has enabled careers for People with Disabilities

The HPE Japan SEED Center was founded in 2001.  It is a two-year career transition program specifically for people with disabilities. Professional training courses and work opportunities are given to graduates of the program.

Year One
Morning:  training courses 
Afternoon: apply skills learned in morning session

Year Two
Hands-on experience working in different career paths

Upon the completion of the program, graduates are provided a variety of job opportunities at HPE.  Most former SEED members are assigned to work at different HPE business functions. We spoke to three new members of the Japan SEED Team.  They each joined the team in April 2017. Each of them has a disability.  They were searching for a workplace which understands individual differences and supports them.


Q:What do you expect from training programs at SEED?
- Different types of job experiences for considering my future career. 
- Obtaining MS office software skills and fundamental business knowledge 
- Opportunities learning and using business English


Q:What kind of job do you want to do after two years?
- Building and running HPE internal websites 
- Sales or accounting job 
- Doing the right job which makes me happiest


One of the new members, was negatively impacted in the past in finding his desired job due to their disability.  Despite this experience, he has a positive outlook toward his future career prospects.

As a recent graduate, I was impressed that each member I spoke to of the Japan SEED Team has evaluated and set career goals through their participation in this program.


Japan SEED team - 2017Japan SEED team - 2017

He is a former member of the SEED center, accomplished his SEED course in 2014. Now he is working at the SSC (SEED Service Center). The SEED Service Center was founded in 2011 for helping jobs offered from different HPE business functions. He is in charge of running some internal HPE business units websites.


Q:Are the skills you’ve got during SEED program helpful to work?
Yes. I am now assigned to work on Sales reports of TS (Technology and Services). When I create a workflow diagram with using MS SharePoint, the skills which I’ve obtained at SEED make me work much more efficiently. Also, I am happy to be asked to help HPE employees how to minimize their routine work.


Q:What kind of job are you hoping to do in your future?
I would try to have the job which generates synergy by combining both improve efficiency at work and also giving actual work experiences to SEED members.


Until having this interview with him, I did not get a chance to think about how much SEED members help HPE employees to work. I would like to have more opportunities working with SEED members.


Former SEED Center member, Hirohito Yamada.Former SEED Center member, Hirohito Yamada.

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Yuu Okiyama, HR Generalist - HPE JapanYuu Okiyama, HR Generalist - HPE Japan

About the contributor: 

Yuu Okiyama joined HPE Japan as a HR Generalist in April 2017.  As an International Relations graduate from Meiji University, Japan, Okiyama-san is interested in Arts & Design, Movies and currently pursuing Golf. 

She is passionate about her role in HR as she can contribute to making HPE a better place to work.

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