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Learn how HPE Italia is promoting safety for women

Hewlett Packard Enterprise in Italy has been a leader in defending women's rights and promoting actions for their safety.   We understand that violence against women has many faces.  Crimes can include physical violence, sexual violence, and psychological violence.

HPE Italia - group photoHPE Italia - group photo

On International Women's Day, HPE Italy launched an updated "Krav Maga" Personal Defense course.  The purpose of the course was to provide our employees the tools they needed to deal with violence. 

Our initial course was held last year on International Day Against Women’s Violence on 25 November.  It was a technical and practical program providing insight into national cases on women's aggression, personal defense, environmental analysis; a 360°prevention as well as teaching self-defense methodologies with the use of common means as well as on the correct purchase of personal defense devices.

An act of violence against women can happen anywhere, at home, on the street or at work. For this reason, HPE Italia has joined "Impresa 4.Donna", a project created by the Advisory Board for the Social Responsibility of Assolombarda, the Association of Companies operating in the Metropolitan City of Milan and the most important of the whole system in Italy.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise is a member of the association and participates with the goal of implementing strategies to prevent harassment within companies. It is important that some companies lead by example and therefore HPE has joined the project since it has always placed the human being at the center of its values.


Leadership course taught to Leaders of HPE ItaliaLeadership course taught to Leaders of HPE Italia

The event, intended for all HPE Italy People Leaders and Project Managers was led by lawyers, Tatiana Biagioni and Silvia Belloni.    As a result of the course, our leadership team acquired indispensable skills for managing and addressing harassment.  The course defined the wrong behaviors, as  those that meet two requirements: those unwanted for those who receive them and those considered offensive. 

We feel fortunate to work for a company who has taken a leadership role in globally defending women's rights and teaching actions for safety.

Enrico Marines,  Head of People Engagement, Internal Communications and Social Innovation. at HPE ItalyEnrico Marines, Head of People Engagement, Internal Communications and Social Innovation. at HPE Italy
About the writer: 
Enrico Martines is a proud husband and father of three children.  He is a sociologist with a passion for technology and the human sciences.  He works at HPE as Head of People Engagement, Internal Communications and Social Innovation.  Living in a world that never ceases to amaze him!! 

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