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Learn how HPE is partnering with NACME to build an engineering workforce that "looks like America"




Hewlett Packard Enterprise has supported NACME (National Action Council for Minorities in Engineering) for over 40 years, and in fact, Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard were influences in the creation of NACME. Many NACME scholars have joined HPE and contributed to our success over the years. NACME is about creating amazing opportunities for minority scholars in the field of STEM.

NACME’s Vision is An Engineering Workforce that Looks Like America. NACME has become the largest private provider of college scholarships for underrepresented minorities (URMs) pursuing degrees at schools of engineering.  Since 1974, over 24,000 URMs have been awarded NACME scholarships at over 160 colleges and universities. In that time, over $150 million has been awarded in scholarships and support.

NACME’s Vision is An Engineering Workforce that Looks Like America

NACME has built a strong collaboration with industry leaders to support the mission and create opportunities for students by supporting their education, creating student communities, and amazing University engagement. Currently, NACME partners with 48 institutions to support over 1,300 students. NACME collaborates with colleges and universities throughout the country to create support systems to retain and graduate underrepresented minorities in STEM education. NACME and its Partner Institutions share best practices, resources, research, and strategies to build successful models and drive results.





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NACME Scholars are high performers who graduate at the top of their class. Overall, NACME Scholars boast a collective GPA over 3.3, and they earn a 79.1 percent six-year graduation rate, which is higher than their non-minority peers (60.3 percent) and other URMs (39.3 percent) on their campuses.   

The centerpiece of the effort is the NACME Scholars (Block Grant) Program. Through this program, NACME provide scholarship support in the form of a lump sum grant to partner institutions who enroll students from three sources – first-year students identified by the partner universities, transfer students from two-year colleges, and currently enrolled students who have completed at least one year of engineering study. Academic institutions that wish to participate in this program must demonstrate a commitment to minority student success that is evidenced in their recruitment, admission, retention, education, and graduation of URM engineering students


Driven to succeed

•        Confident, high achievers, NACME Scholars boast an average 3.3/4.0 GPA, with a 50 percent interest in pursuing graduate degrees.


•        Over 79 percent of NACME Scholars graduate in six years, compared to 39 percent of non-NACME Scholar URMs and 60 percent of non-minority students.

Breaking the mold

•         Approximately 1/3 are first-generation college students.



 NACME scholarship recipients at recent awards eventNACME scholarship recipients at recent awards event

In addition NACME provides a door into the job market via the NACME Career Center ( NACME Career Center is an online platform that allows NACME Corporate Supporters to connect directly with NACME Scholars. Companies are able to post internships and full-time positions, and search for applicants among the community of NACME Scholars.

 NACME is supported by industry leaders. NACME Board Directors are esteemed global leaders representing multiple industries. They are committed to helping underrepresented minority women and men succeed in their STEM education and careers, and to providing opportunities to these students during their academic careers. The list of NACME Board Companies can be found here.

 Hewlett Packard Enterprise is committed to building a diverse workforce. Through the NACME partnership HPE talent acquisition team has programs and activities in place to bring new talents in our workforce. A diverse workforce will allow HPE to innovate and design new products and service experiences aligned to our customer’s needs.

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Tommaso is an Executive Advisory Board Member of the National Action Council for Minorities in Engineering (NACME).  He is based in based out of our Houston, TX office. 

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