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Listen to Ray Beausoleil outline alternatives to quantum computing on Forrester’s podcast


By Curt Hopkins, Managing Editor, Hewlett Packard Labs

Ray Beausoleil, HPE Senior Fellow and director of the Large-Scale Integrated Photonics program at Hewlett Packard Labs, is the featured guest on Forrester’s Insight podcast. Host – Forrester vice-president and principal analyst – Brian Hopkins talks to Beausoleil about “Why HPE Walked Away From Quantum Computing . . . And Where It Went Instead.”

Beausoleil acknowledges that we are experiencing an exponential increase in data and that we have a vanishingly small time to turn that data into meaningful action. Quantum computing could be a powerful technique to solve quantum-like challenges in drug discovery and material science. But quantum computing is inherently unsuitable to solve the data-intensive challenges faced by our enterprise customers.

He outlines real-world alternatives for the here and now that HPE is currently developing, including practical accelerators capable of massive gains in performance and energy-efficiency and an architecture to plug those accelerators into (Memory-Driven Computing).

To read more on these alternatives, in greater technical detail, check out the white paper Beausoleil authored with Rebecca Lewington, HPE’s senior marketing manager for Analytics and Advanced Architectures.

Beyond the qubit: quantum computing, practical alternatives, and Memory-Driven Computing

Photo by Rebecca Lewington

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