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Stefan joined Hewlett Packard almost 4 years ago and got promoted from Software Management Capability Implementation Engineer to Technical Solution Designer in Hewlett Packard Enterprise Software Management Project Team. Read on to discover more about his amazing journey in HPE!

Stefan, tell us a little bit more about yourself!

My name is Stefan Grigorov and I am currently working as a Technical Solution Designer at HPE. I am 29 years old and I live in Sofia, and I love technology and music. Because of my passion for music, I studied piano and singing, which became my greatest hobby. I love animals and have a cat and a dog. I am a really dynamic person and often get involved into sports or other outdoor activities. I am a very positive person and I truly believe that everything could be achieved with a smile and honesty… and, let’s not forget, hard work!

Stefan at workStefan at work

How did you find out about job opportunities at HPE?

I started my career at the IT service desk department of another company, back in 2010. It was a very good start for me, because I received basic IT knowledge, and saw how things work in reality. Working at the service desk improved my language and soft skills, but the technical part was far too easy for me. This is why a year later, I moved to the 2nd line team (IMAC) for the same company. The job was more technical but still not challenging enough and soon became boring. That was the moment when I realized that I could deal with far more difficult technical positions, and I started looking what the biggest IT companies could offer. One of my main wishes was that the position would combine both soft and technical skills, and would still be challenging for me. HPE was the only company, offering development in the Software Management area and the position at the Software Management Project Team, matched to my criteria. The best part was that I turned to be right and everything was as good as expected, sometimes even exceeding my expectations!

Stefan at Business Park SofiaStefan at Business Park Sofia

How did you become a Technical Solution Designer?

Our team delivers services to many companies with different sizes - from 5000 to 50 000+ clients. The nature of our work is to provide centralized administration for all of the used devices (laptops, desktops, mobile devices, etc.). We are responsible for updating the computers with the most recent software and security updates without interfering with the users work. Using different technologies and solutions, we automate almost everything so in the end users should focus on their work instead of installing software, creating shortcuts, adjusting settings by themselves, etc. For example, we could easily install software while the user is making a presentation to someone, without interrupting their work. Many times the devices do not have users behind them therefor there is no other way except full automation. At the beginning it was really challenging as I had to get familiar with technologies I have never heard of. Maybe only a year later, I had some good IT base to feel comfortable with my day to day tasks. But this was exactly what I wanted and I was very lucky that this was only the beginning... After my hard work and continued growth, I became a Technical Lead. As such, I had to take care of the technical interviews, what the new edge of technologies in our scope were, what trainings were required, how we could improve and how we could extend our portfolio. In 2015, I successfully created an on-boarding program for the technical development of the new members of the team. The focus was Microsoft Technology – System Center Configuration Manager – SCCM. After completing several different projects, I was assigned to another one, which was the biggest challenge for me – Transformation Program for a big client with 60 000+ users, based all over the world. That was a challenge on an entirely new level. The client was changing completely its infrastructure and implementing a new model how the services would be delivered: numerous new technologies and solutions cooperating with one another. The project was so challenging, that even our competitors were saying that this technical solution could not be fulfilled and we would fail to implement it. Despite the circumstances, HPE proved to be a trustful partner by successfully completing the program on 31th of July, this year. And this is how I became Technical Solution Designer.

What does HPE mean to you?
HPE gave me the chance to start working in such a role without having the needed expertise and knowledge. The company believed in me and my experience and provided me with trainings, equipment, certifications, etc. in order to become a specialist in that area. It is great that as an HPE employee, you could access endless amount of online trainings, learning materials and seminars, software products, etc. At the end of the day, if you want to learn and develop yourself, (and I am not talking only about the area you are working on), it is up to you to take advantage of this opportunity. HPE also enabled me to show my potential and to continue to add value to the company and develop my skills. Last but not least, I would also like to mention the various benefits and the wonderful Wellness program that HPE offers – Football, Swimming lessons, charity events and many more! It is wonderful to show what your team and your company could achieve outside of the office!
What is your greatest achievement so far?
I would say that one of the greatest achievements so far is completing the Program for one of our biggest customers. This was a program full of various challenges, business trips and countless new things to learn and improve. The VP of our organization awarded me personally, which was a real honor. Another great achievement was developing and extending the team members and their capabilities. I am really happy that our team has continued to grow and to provide new services to our clients. This has already resulted in creating a few new teams, and the feeling is priceless!
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Stefan Grigorov, Solutions Designer at HPE Sofia, BulgariaStefan Grigorov, Solutions Designer at HPE Sofia, BulgariaStefan Grigorov joined the company almost 4 years ago and progressed from Software Management Capability Implementation Engineer to Technical Solution Designer at Hewlett Packard Enterprise Software Management Project Team. During his free time, he enjoys practicing sports, such as swimming and football, and also supports charities and volunteers time to work in the local community. You can connect with Stefan on LinkedIn.
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