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Master ASE Perspectives: HPE Servers Partner Ready Technology Tour

Adams Mailloux, Master ASE and Senior Solutions Architecture Advisor with Arrow ECS shares his perspectives on the HPE Servers Partner Ready Technology Tour.


 Master ASE attendees at HPE Servers Partner Ready Technology Tour

Contributing author, Adams Mailloux, Master ASE, shares his perspective from the HPE Servers Partner Ready Technology Tour held in Houston, TX from November 8-11.

My name is Adams Mailloux, and I’m currently working as a Senior Solution Architecture Advisor at Arrow ECS on the Canadian HPE Team. I hold an HPE Master ASE certification for storage, and I’m working on the same for servers. I’m also among one of the first people in the world to hold the Synergy product certification. I hold other non-HPE certifications for other products. I’ve been working in IT for over two decades now and am still as passionate about it as I was when I first started.

HPE Servers Partner Ready Technology Tour

I’ve been going to this thing now called the HPE Servers Partner Ready Technology Tour for about six years now (like many things HPE, it’s probably changed names a few times over the years). What’s important to me, and the main reason I keep going is that it’s a great event to get some face time with the HPE engineering team who develop all these products and see what’s coming down the product development pipeline. I can provide them some input on what we see in the field and maybe even give them some ideas for future products. It’s usually a packed week where we have some options on what sessions we want to attend which enables us to make sure we get the most out of our time.

Day One

The first day is a travel day, that being said, it’s not a wasted day in my mind. There’s always a small reception at the hotel Socializing at the HPE Server Partner Ready Technology TourSocializing at the HPE Server Partner Ready Technology Tourwhere most of us stay, allowing us to pick up our badge for the week as well as a nice golf shirt. We also sign up for lab tours that are held during the week. Most importantly though, there are drink tickets which enabled us to have a bit of fun while we talked with other attendees and the HPE staff. Since I’ve been attending for many years, I always enjoy seeing some familiar faces I mostly get to see once a year and with whom I can share some interesting discussions.


Day Two

This is always a good day as they start us off with the idea exchange; essentially they have a bunch of tables set up in the atrium where we get to see and touch most of the technology we’ll be having sessions on the rest of the week. We also get to talk with the people who work on that technology.

I’m happy I got to see Ashok Patel again this year where he showed me what he’s been working on for the past year: the next generation of the Apollo 6000. I made sure to go to his session later that day to get the full story; it’s very exciting stuff. I also enjoyed Steven Gonzalez’s Synergy Infrastructure Deep Dive where we got to hear about the realities of bringing a new product market.

Day Three

Another day full of sessions for me. The main one that stuck with me was the session on the next generation of storage Classroom lectures at HPE Server Partner Ready Technology TourClassroom lectures at HPE Server Partner Ready Technology Tourcontrollers, including the new decoder ring for the naming convention changes that are coming. You’ve got to love marketing people for keeping it fresh and figuring out the perfect timing of when people start knowing things by heart to change it then on them. 

Another session I really enjoyed was the one given by Mark Nickerson on Storage Solutions within the Composable Infrastructure; he definitely made it a fun session. I really appreciate sessions that are more of an open discussion; and believe me, there was a whole lot of discussing going on in the room in this session. Mark kept it on track and managed to explain how certain decision were made and even asking us our opinion on some decisions he had to make soon and how we believed it should go according to our reality. Just another good example of why I keep going to this event.

Day Four

I started out with some rack and power sessions. I know I’m a nerd because I actually find that stuff interesting. It’s all about Lab tour at HPE Server Partner Ready Technology TourLab tour at HPE Server Partner Ready Technology Tourthe client experience ultimately. Moreover, being able to build a complete solution, including the wrapping of said solution is a bigger part of that experience than people may think. I was really happy to see HPE bringing back some improved solutions on the PDU side which should make my life easier when building some of the bigger and more dense solutions I tend to be involved with.

 Another session I always make sure to go to is the one given by Eric Pope, Hermann Wienchol and Marty McAfee on memory. It’s always interesting and a good refresher on some basic memory knowledge plus we get to see what’s on future development roadmaps which is always nice.


In the afternoon I decided to skip the lab tours I had signed up for to get to see more sessions since I had to leave earlier the next day to catch an early flight. What a good decision. It enabled me to get some knowledge on iLO 5 and the future of server monitoring.  It also gave me the opportunity to have my last session of the week be with Chris Powell which is never boring and always fun, where we got to discuss how to manage Composable Infrastructure with the HPE Synergy Composer.

Day Five

Unfortunately, I was only able to attend the closing remarks session at the beginning of the day before I had to leave. Fortunately for me, that is also when they do a little raffle and give out some door prizes. Thank you HPE for a nice wireless headset. 

Why HPE Certifications

When asked why I have pursued HPE certifications, I like to share my belief that my HPE certifications have helped establish me as a trusted advisor to new clients and even peers when first meeting them. As a bonus, when you get to the mastery level, you gain access to some neat benefits that can help you in your daily work. Like invitations to events like the HPE Servers Partner Ready Technology Tour and the Master ASE Conference where you get to spend time with fellow Master ASE peers in some very technical sessions and discussions, which is among my favorite events of the year.

Adams_Mailloux.jpgMeet Adams Mailloux, Master ASE and Senior Solution Architecture Advisor at Arrow ECS.

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