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Mastermind May: Meet Carlos Rogério de Oliveira Rosário with Microsul

As a Master ASE, Carlos is helping customers in São Paulo - Brazil to transform their IT! 

 Carlos Rogério de Oliveira RosárioCarlos Rogério de Oliveira RosárioName: Carlos Rogério de Oliveira Rosário

Employer: Microsul

Title/Role: Project Manager / Solutions Architect

Location: São Paulo - Brazil

Education: Electronic Engineering /Master´s Degree in Computer Science, Universidade Santa Cecília

LinkedIn Profile:  Carlos Rogério de Oliveira Rosário



How did you get started? 
“I started my career as an electronics technician before the first personal computer arrived in Brazil. When the TK85, a Timex Sinclair Clone computer using Z80 CPU was introduced I then started to repair this computer and the next generation (Apple IIe, TRS-80, PC XT, PC AT).

“I continued working in the technology area building Local Area Networks with Novell Netware, Windows for Workgroup, and LANtastic. At the same time, I worked as a programmer for Clipper, Pascal, C, Visual Basic, and Delphi.

“Some years later, I was hired by a Compaq and Microsoft partner that invested in my technical education. The solutions were becoming more complex; I was designing and implementing enterprise level projects.

“After Compaq merged with Hewlett-Packard I move to Microsul, an HP (now HPE) partner, which gave me the opportunity to attend international courses and to intensify my knowledge and achieve Master ASE certification.”


What is your favorite HPE technology?
“My favorite product is HPE BladeSystem. It is a best-in-class solution building on years of HPE’s expertise providing energy efficiency and reducing the carbon footprint. This eco-friendly solution reduces operational and infrastructure costs while providing high performance.”

Any interesting customer stories you would like to share? 
“There have been many customer issues throughout my career. However, I would like to mention two cases with the same needs that I have solved using different technologies.

“Two years ago, a multinational automobile manufacturer began the construction of a new plant in Brazil. I designed and installed a Multi-Site SAN solution using synchronously mirrored data between two buildings.

“The project was implemented in only two weeks using HPE StoreVirtual with Microsoft Cluster and Hyper-V. The customer environment was completely redundant using Guest O.S. Clustering (a cluster of virtual machines across physical hosts).

“The main data center suffered an outage. As a result, the server crashed, but the factory operation continued as usual because the redundant data center allowed the servers and applications to continue running without interruption. The failback process was transparent and non-disruptive.

“Another customer needed data center redundancy. The project was implemented using HPE Blades and HPE 3PAR Peer Persistence with VMware Vsphere Cluster running in two buildings.

“Now they can test and execute disaster recovery plans switching the entire operation to the secondary site several times during the year.”


What are the benefits of being a Master ASE?
“The greatest benefit of being a Master ASE is the knowledge base acquired during the learning process. As a result of my experience, I make meetings more efficient, speak with confidence, identify opportunities and then plan, design, and size the right solution.

“Occasionally an installation process (physical and logical startup) may not go as planned. This is the time when all your knowledge as a Master ASE makes a difference.”


Any tips for others interested in HPE certifications?
“As a first step, determine your career path and check your knowledge gaps. You should take courses with HPE Partner Ready Certification and Learning to get the required knowledge, improve your skills and get certified.

 “Learning is a continuous cyclic process. If you have access to servers and storages, you should consider it as a great privilege. You should make full use of that, try to practice as much as you can.” 


As a Master ASE, you will be recognized as having reached the pinnacle in HPE Certifications. Customers will rely on you to bring rich technical skills to design and implement their most complex solutions. You’ll also see personal and business rewards while being able to network and share with one of the most exclusive teams in the industry.



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Rodrigo Maruyama

Carlos is an excellent professional in the field of pre-sales and implementation. He encouraged me a lot to be able to get the certifications of MASE too and today I can say that it has been very worthwhile.
Encourage all professionals in our area to try to put together a certification plan, as it will help you gain greater visibility in your career.