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Mastermind May Profile: Aury Fink Filho from Brazil

Meet this triple threat Master ASE in our first Mastermind May profile.

Aury Fink FilhoAury Fink Filho

Name: Aury Fink Filho

Employer: HT Solutions

Title/Role: HPE Solutions Architect

Location: Dois Irmãos, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

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How did you get started? 
“When I was about 13 years old, a friend of mine got a computer, and I was at his home when the specialists came to install the ‘machine.' I remember how fascinated I was! I had only known a PC on television before that moment. So, from that experience, my new goal in life was to—get a computer. After about a year, finally, my father bought a computer for me. I immediately began to test the PC and to study all the systems, hardware and, that moment, I realized what I would like to do in life. Then, I started to study and specialize, attended computer college, and had the opportunity to have some responsibility for data centers and, additionally, I began to design some of them. That is how I made my way to my current position, as a part of my career development.”


What is your favorite HPE technology? 
“HPE has so many fantastic technologies that it's hard to have just one favorite. I consider HPE 3PAR to be the best HPE product, especially HPE 3PAR Peer Persistence functionality. In my day-to-day as a Solutions Architect is common to design data center redundancy projects, and Peer Persistence software allows you to easily design active/active multi-site SAN across multiple technologies (Microsoft Cluster, Oracle, VMware). Not to mention that the cost of Peer Persistence software is much lower than the competition, making it an easy product to sell.

“I also really like HPE Helion Cloudsystem and HPE Synergy, and I've been watching everything that's going on with The Machine.”


Any interesting customer stories you would like to share? 
“After a year of trying to convince a large industrial customer of the need for data center redundancy, we finally sold and deployed a redundant data center. It was very difficult to convince the customer to buy, because of the costs involved.

“The entire project was implemented in about two months using HPE 3PAR Peer Persistence with Microsoft Cluster and Hyper-V. The entire customer environment was completely redundant, operating active/active in the two data centers.

“Two months ago, the customer suffered a total loss of equipment in its original data center due to a fire. Despite the fire, the entire operation continued normally, saving the client millions of Brazilian reais in fines that he would have had to take if it was not possible to deliver orders. Fortunately, the redundant data center provided this customer a very fast return on investment.”


What are the benefits of being a Master ASE?
“The greatest benefit is undoubtedly the knowledge acquired in studying for Master ASE certifications. Thanks to this knowledge, you can design solutions that your customers trust that they are acquiring the best possible solution. When applying for a job, the recognition of the Master ASE certification helps Solutions Architects obtain a good salary.”


Any tips for others interested in HPE certifications? 
“The knowledge gained during learning to get HPE certifications is fantastic. Ideally, you should take courses with HPE Education, but if you cannot take the classes, I recommend buying the books available from HPE Press. You should always plan the study with the objective of obtaining a Master ASE certification, that way your skills will reach the level of excellence.”

As a Master ASE, you will be recognized as having reached the pinnacle in HPE Certifications. Customers will rely on you to bring rich technical skills to design and implement their most complex solutions. You’ll also see personal and business rewards while being able to network and share with one of the most exclusive teams in the industry.

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