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Mastermind May: This Master ASE transforms IT for businesses in the Caribbean and Latin America

Mastermind Profile - Javier Corrales

Javier CorralesJavier Corrales

Employer: Tech Data
Title/Role: Solutions Consultant
Location: Clearwater, Florida
Education: BS, Information Technology, University of South Florida
LinkedIn Profile:  Javier Corrales

Aruba Certified Mobility Associate (ACMA) V6.4
HPE Product Certified - Synergy Solutions [2016]
HPE Sales Certified - IT Business Conversations [2017]
HP ASE - Cloud Architect V2
HP ASE - FlexNetwork Architect V2
HP ASE - Server Solutions Architect V2
HPE Certified Instructor [2017]
HPE Master ASE - Storage Solutions Architect V2



How did you get started? 
“Ever since I can remember, I’ve had a keen interest in electronics, telecommunications, and computers. But it was after my second semester in college when I took some computer repair and networking classes, which I realized this was the path I wanted to take in my career.

“I’ve been employed by Tech Data since I was a junior in college, starting as a sales associate and later moving into presales support and systems engineering, so basically my whole IT career. I have had a tremendous opportunity to put into practice all of the technology concepts I’ve learned in the different positions I’ve had within the company supporting several vendor lines. My experience with HPE began right before the Compaq merger.”


What is your favorite HPE technology? 
“It’s hard to pick one, but I really like the 3PAR StoreServ architecture. It is second to none in the industry, and it differentiates HPE so much in that product category. Every time I work on a storage deal and position 3PAR, I am confident that the proposed solution is best-in-class and the probability of closing that deal is very high.

“The HPE Storage Technical Marketing team has done a tremendous job to enable us partners with hands-on training and great tools, which is crucial to help the customer understand the business benefits and technical aspects of the solution.”


Any interesting customer stories you would like to share?
“The territory I support includes many smaller countries so generally speaking the average deal size is rather small because most businesses are SMBs.

“One of my favorite customer success stories is an opportunity we discovered with a local reseller, whose medium-sized end customer had an interest in virtualizing his datacenter. After several calls and meetings with both technical and c-level decision makers, we ended up proposing two of HPE’s largest converged systems for their production and disaster recovery sites, plus backup infrastructure and software, services and training for the entire solution. It was the first won deal of this kind in the region.

“Today, this is a very satisfied HPE customer who continues to expand their datacenter with more HPE solutions and services.”


What are the benefits of being a Master ASE?
“The knowledge level and experience I have acquired over the years has enabled me to help our customers with more complex solution designs and configurations. Ever since I became a Master ASE, the regional team that I currently support has been able to grow our sales pipeline with larger and more profitable value-centric deals.

“The trust that my customers put in my work is very rewarding not only for the business but also at a personal level. It has also helped increase loyalty and strengthened many relationships, as well as opened doors with many more customers.

“There aren’t many Master ASEs in the region I support, so this level of certification is a key differentiating factor for our team and a value-add that makes us stand out from our competition.”


Any tips for others interested in HPE certifications? 
“I’m a passionate learner, and I take every opportunity to acquire as much knowledge as I can. I believe this is a trait one must have, especially in this industry and in a solutions architect role.

“Being a Master ASE has helped me advance in my career. This certification complemented by other partner vendor’s certifications and the experience you get over the years makes you a very valuable asset in any company that sells HPE solutions.

“The path may seem long at first, but if you set clearly defined goals and stick to the plan, with dedication, you’ll add many credentials to your resume and eventually achieve your Master ASE.”



As a Master ASE, you will be recognized as having reached the pinnacle in HPE Certifications. Customers will rely on you to bring rich technical skills to design and implement their most

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Raul Acuña

Proud to be part of same HPE team with Javier at Tech Data, in the few months that I have known Javier, he's has been a great peer, mentor and team player.  He is passionate about what he does, and he most definitely inspires not only our business partners, but everyone around him as well, to continue empowering ourselves in this magnificent industry that we are part of.  I am confident that Javier will get far in his career leading peers, and future younger generations in this path that we have chosen.

Thank you Javier for your hard work, and good will to always tender a helping hand to everyone.