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Mastermind May profile: Lee Winston from Taipei, Taiwan

Meet HPE Mastermind Lee Winston and learn how his Master ASE certification helped him to gain his customer’ trust at first meeting.

Name:  Lee Winston
Company: Dimension Computer Technology
Title/Role:  Chief Technical Director
Location: Taipei, Taiwan
Education:  Nation Central University, Bachelor Degree of Management Information System
LinkedIn Profile: Lee Winston


  • HPE Master ASE-Flex Network Solutions V2
  • HPE ASE - Data Center Network Integrator V1
  • HP ASE - FlexNetwork Integrator V1
  • HP ASE - Server Solutions Architect V2
  • HP ASE - Server Solutions Architect V8
  • HP ASE - Storage Solutions Integrator V1
  • HP ASE - Wireless Networks Implementer V1
  • HP Master ASE - Network Infrastructure [2011]


How did you get started? Lee WinstonLee Winston

"I used to work as a software development engineer. When I provided solutions to my clients, in addition to software, the solutions would comprise system and hardware. Hence, I have come to develop interests in system and hardware planning and building. In time, I was able to provide a complete suite of technical services to my clients independently. As such, I was soon placed in charge of all technical services position within my company."

What do you see the benefits of being a Master ASE?

"With the HPE Master ASE certification, I am able to gain my clients’ trust very quickly upon our first communication. In the subsequent planning, design and construction phases, by virtue of the relevant technical know-hows acquired during my preparation for the Master ASE certification track, I'm better equipped to meet the whole range of clients’ needs, and proactively provide the latest technologies and applications."

What is your favourite HPE technology?

"My favorite HPE product is HPE 3PAR, since it has a complete suite of features and good performance, and yet, is based on a relatively simple structure. More importantly, many of the features of 3PAR can be practically applied, and the product is able to continuously provide compression, Dedupe, File Persona, and other technologies."

Any interesting customer stories you would like to share?

"Many clients require remote support, which means the design of the network system and other technical areas are comparatively more complex. However, through the product information, technical documents and relevant trainings provided by HPE, I'm able to successfully provide the clients with complete remote network architectures."

What's your tip for others interested in HPE certifications?

"HPE technical trainings and testing tools are easily available, and hence, there are adequate resources supporting those who are preparing to acquire their HPE certification. My advice to those preparing for an HPE certification is to spend some time familiarizing themselves with relevant requirements and resources for the exam, and be sure to prepare adequately. Having done so, achieving  the certification will be a breeze."

As a Master ASE, you will be recognized as having reached the pinnacle in HPE Certifications. Customers will rely on you to bring rich technical skills to design and implement their most complex solutions. You’ll also see personal and business rewards while being able to network and share with one of the most exclusive teams in the industry.




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