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Mastermind May profile: double Master ASE Moshe Amsalem from Ashkelon, Israel

Meet double Master ASE Moshe Amsalem and learn how HPE solutions build the future Data Center for our customers, by simplifying and accelerating value creation & delivery.

Moshe AmsalemMoshe Amsalem

Name:  Moshe Amsalem

Company: One1 System Integration Ltd

Title/Role: Project Manager and CTO

Location: Ashkelon, Israel

Education: Electronics Technician, Open University Israel

LinkedIn Profile:  Moshe Amsalem


HPE Master ASE - Storage Solutions Architect V2

HPE Master ASE – Flex Network Solutions V2




How did you get started? 

"I began my career as a Server Technical Support Engineer. While being part of the Services Organization, I started to get into HP technology by providing hardware support on Compaq ProLiant servers like Compaq ProLiant 400, 800, and 1600 servers. This was my first step in the IT world. In my current position as a Project Manager and as a CTO of the company, I have an overall approach where I coordinate Presales and Post-sales tasks but also, I recommend the best technologies and solutions for each project based on each customer needs."


What do you see the benefits of being a Master ASE?

"Having a customer-centric approach, my Master ASE certifications provided the knowledge and expertise to accelerate our customers’ outcomes by becoming a trusted consultant and providing the best solution to meet each customer’s needs. Those solutions always use the most advanced technological features that HPE products provide and have in mind the simple implementation / installation/migration of each project. By being a double Master ASE, I have deep knowledge of all Data Center Components (Server, Storage, and Networking) that are needed to make this happen. We actually ‘’build’’ the future Data Center for our customers and we simplify and accelerate value creation & delivery."

What is your favourite HPE technology?

"I really like to work on HPE 3PAR cases, StoreOnce with RMC (Recovery Manager Central) and HPE Hyper-Converged 380. I choose these products as they provide an end-to-end solution for most customer needs. The Hyper-Converged Technology is a Software Defined Data Center Solution and is a key solution providing all the compute and storage resources needed to run your applications. And all that with amazingly fast installation time and easy management tools.

With HPE 3PAR and HPE StoreOnce customers can benefit from the best-in-class 3PAR SAN storage in the market and also manage backup with lower costs and complexity by using RMC and StoreOnce. This innovative approach is using 3PAR’s snapshots to do faster backups and restores and meet even the most stringent RTO/RPO SLAs with end-to-end availability for all enterprise applications and virtualized environments."

Any interesting customer stories you would like to share?

"I remember a customer case, where he had very strict performance and response time requirements for their SAN storage. Our approach was to design and offer an HPE 3PAR 8200 and make use of the HPE 3PAR Data Optimization and the HPE 3PAR Adaptive Flash Cache. Those features enhanced the utilization of the storage by providing Autonomic Storage Tiering, Dynamic Data Mobility, and Controller Cache Extension. The benefits were of course instant and met the customer’s expectations as the overall storage performance increased dramatically and the response time was reduced."

What's your tip for others interested in HPE certifications?

"As a first step, I would advise to visit the website of HPE Press and purchase the books and study guides according to the HPE certification each one wants to achieve. The material, content, and explanation of the IT subjects within these books will help each one individually to study easily, get the required knowledge, improve your skills and get certified!"


As a Master ASE, you will be recognized as having reached the pinnacle in HPE Certifications. Customers will rely on you to bring rich technical skills to design and implement their most complex solutions. You’ll also see personal and business rewards while being able to network and share with one of the most exclusive teams in the industry.




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