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Meet Cape Town, South Africa based Mastermind, Anthea Nadin

Anthea was the first woman MASE in Africa and MEMA back in 2005. Women like Anthea are creating complete and customized end-to-end solutions from the broad HPE portfolio, helping customers transform their IT. Learn how.

Anthea NadinAnthea NadinName: Anthea Nadin

Employer: Aptronics (PTY) Ltd

Title/Role: Enterprise and Datacenter Solutions Architect

Location: Cape Town, South Africa


Technology: Various IT Certifications across vendors. Never completed a Degree in Engineering

Other: Diploma in Therapeutic Reflexology & Certified Yoga Instructor

LinkedIn Profile:  Anthea Nadin





  • HP Advanced Sales Certified - Cloud, Converged Systems and Services [2014]
  • HP Advanced Sales Certified - Enterprise Networking Solutions and Services [2015]
  • HP Sales Certified - Networking Solutions and Services [2015]
  • HP Sales Certified - Converged Infrastructure Solutions [2014]
  • HPE Sales Certified - Enterprise Solutions [2016]
  • HP Advanced Sales Certified - Enterprise Server Solutions and Services [2014]
  • HP AIS - StorageWorks Integration [2011]
  • HP APC - StorageWorks Solutions Architect [2011]
  • HP ASE - Storage Solutions Architect V1
  • HP ASE - Storage Solutions Integrator V1
  • HP ASE - StorageWorks Integration [2011]
  • HP ATP - Storage Solutions V1
  • HP Master ASE - Storage Solutions [2011]
  • HP Master ASE - Storage Solutions Architect V1 
  • HPE ASE - Storage Solutions Architect V2
  • HPE ATP - Storage Solutions V2
  • HPE Master ASE - Storage Solutions Architect V2
  • HP Sales Certified - TippingPoint Security Solutions [2014]


How did you get started? 
"I started studying for a degree in Electronic Engineering but dropped out halfway through my second year jaded and questioning my choice in a career path and what I would do with it when done. While considering enrolling in an MCSE vs programming after completing an A+ and Network+ course, I was offered the opportunity to do an aptitude test given to ICT graduates and potential employees at one of the financial institutions in South Africa. Based on these test results, I was offered a trainee position and was supposed to rotate across all IT departments, spending a few months in each department while being exposed to all possible aspects and flavours of IT and then trained in the direction that best suited me. I started shift work in operations monitoring batch jobs and changing tapes and then spent some time in Client Services supporting end users. I was initially told that I couldn’t be moved into the midrange server portion of the department as it required standby and they couldn’t have a young girl driving in and out of Johannesburg late at night on their conscience. I was bored in my role and long overdue for my next move into networks and eventually my boss gave me the opportunity to move onto the server side and prove myself so as to keep me in the department. It was here that I was first truly exposed to the importance of Backup & Recovery, downtime equates to lost revenue, Compaq (now HPE) ProLiant Servers and the infamous EMA Storage Array (my first big toy, which kick started my passion for enterprise storage.) I eventually ended up at Aptronics, an HPE Platinum Partner with a Customer Centric Focus while investing in and mentoring dynamic and enthusiastic staff. It is with their investment and belief in me while exposing me to diverse clients and technologies, having strong mentors and the team’s support through all the challenges that systems throw at you, that have made me who I am today."


What do you see the benefits of being a Master ASE?
"My first MASE was “MASE - HP SAN Architect - Data Availability Solutions” completed in July 2005 making me the 1st woman in Africa & MEMA to achieve an HPE MASE.

The Master ASE certification assures clients are in good hands and will have a partner that is compliant against the performance levels and accreditation criteria set out by HPE as a vendor while aligning with industry best practices. Because a MASE is often not a certificate in isolation, but it is based on years of experience and a foundation of previous certs as building blocks, it also means that a Master ASE can often not only architect, sell and implement end to end HPE Solutions, but can also service and support the same environment on HPE’s behalf. It is a requirement within HPE preferred partners and helps Aptronics maintain its HPE Platinum Partner Status and reputation as a Partner for investing in skilled and knowledgeable staff to best support our customer. It is these distinctions that set us apart from the competition and show value in designing forward thinking solutions for our clients."


What is your favourite HPE technology?
"Storage in all its forms, from the 3PAR and Enterprise Arrays, the interlacing fabric as well as the software and integrations that enable them will always be my first love. However I am finding the bigger picture, creating complete and customised end-to-end solutions from the broad HPE portfolio specific to a client’s needs quite satisfying."


Any interesting customer stories you would like to share?
"A customer experienced multiple site failures and as with many Enterprise Customers, the longer a site is down the more money is lost while negatively impacting reputation. Although I am in more of a Technical Presales role now, our CEO called me in to try locate any problems within the infrastructure while another colleague assisted in assessing the virtualization layer above. Based on best practices garnered from training over the years, whitepapers and years of experience we were able to get the customer back up and running and solve the immediate problem while assessing both architecture & implementation and providing an action plan to bring the infrastructure back in line with Best Practice recommendations ensuring that future risk had been eliminated."


What's your tip for other women interested in technology?
"Find good mentors, surround yourself with enthusiastic team mates and learn from everyone and everything around you. Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty, play with the “toys” (technology) around you, admit your mistakes early so that they can be managed and learn from them. All exposure and experience is eventually relevant on your journey – I even use past CAD experience in technical drawings and documents. Finally find ways to enjoy what you do."


As a Master ASE, you will be recognized as having reached the pinnacle in HPE Certifications. Customers will rely on you to bring rich technical skills to design and implement their most complex solutions. You’ll also see personal and business rewards while being able to network and share with one of the most exclusive teams in the industry.

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