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Meet our August Mastermind Lye Suh Jeng from Singapore!

Read this Mastermind profile and learn how a Master ASE certification will be a milestone and turning point in your career path.

Name:  Lye Suh Jeng
Company: NCS Pte Ltd
Title/Role:  Lead Presales Consultant
Location: Singapore
Education: Bachelor of Applied Science (Computer Engineering) Nanyang Technology University (NTU)
LinkedIn Profile: Suh Jeng




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How did you get started? 
"When I was around 12 years-old, my uncle purchased a MS-DOS based personal computer. Looking at the monochrome screen of the computer, I felt fascinated and curious. I decided to learn more on it and even took some courses like Lotus-123 (similar to today’s MS Excel) and WordStar (the old type of MS Word). With a deep interest in IT and computing, I studied Computer Engineering in University. After I graduated, I began my IT career as a Systems Administrator of Windows and Unix systems and subsequently picked up network competency. Later on, I was hired by Citibank as Level 3 support for its world-wide Network Command Centre. Few years back, I got the chance to join my current company, NCS Pte Ltd to perform network implementation and later promoted to Presales Consultant."


What do you see the benefits of being a Master ASE?
"I gained extensive knowledge in studying for Master ASE certifications. With the knowledge acquired, I can design comprehensive solutions and be the trusted advisor to my customers. My company once again gained the status of HPE Platinum Partner. My ASE/Master ASE certifications are a part of the process of maintaining this status."


What is your favourite HPE technology?

"My favorite technology is HPE Networking technology solutions, especially the open, enterprise-ready HPE Software defined networking (SDN) Solutions. HPE VAN SDN controller which uses open standard such as OpenFlow to help enterprises in automating and orchestrating network workflow. This is what enterprises nowadays are looking for, beyond network reliability and stability.

The other technology I love to work on is HPE Mobility and Workplace Solutions which enable mobility orchestration that delivers automation, integration, analytics, speed and security."


Any interesting customer stories you would like to share?

"Due to business expansion, one of our clients would like to setup a new office building which requires a secured wired and wireless network. I was able to use the knowledge gained from HPE certifications to recommend a secured and highly reliable network solution. However, the whole process wasn’t a smooth one as other competitors are recommending other solutions too. The tricky part was that the customer couldn’t judge which Network Access Control solution can interoperate well with their desktop solution and able to implement the control they require. In the end, we managed to convince the customer to use HPE Aruba Clearpass Policy Manager by conducting a proof of concept to them and our solution was accepted."


What's your tip for others interested in HPE certifications?
"Earning a Master ASE certification will be a milestone and turning point in your career path. Your customers will treat you as a trusted advisor and rely on you to design comprehensive solutions for them. There are few ways in gaining the required knowledge for the certification. I would say on-the- job training such as performing project implementation or proof of concept is the best way to learn. Of course, if you are new to HPE technology, you can start your learning journey by taking courses from HPE Education Services or getting books from HPE Press."


As a Master ASE, you will be recognized as having reached the pinnacle in HPE Certifications. Customers will rely on you to bring rich technical skills to design and implement their most complex solutions. You’ll also see personal and business rewards while being able to network and share with one of the most exclusive teams in the industry.


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