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More learning options and rewards with HPE Tech Pro Community!


HPE is investing significantly to enable the technical community to deliver high value solutions based on HPE innovation, and to reward and differentiate partners for their investments. Our exclusive, global technical community for partner technical professionals— HPE Tech Pro Community—is making enhancements to deliver a more robust and collaborative enablement journey.

These enhancements include:

  • Expanded membership: As of November 1, HPE Tech Pro Community is now open to all technical learners within HPE authorized partners. HPE certification is no longer required for membership. Expanded membership enables IT professionals at every level of a partner organization to engage and stay up to date on the latest HPE and industry innovation with high quality, concise and timely content. HPE Tech Pro Community now makes it easy for all of your technical professionals to architect and win with HPE.
  • Best-in-class certification & training: HPE has added a new pinnacle certification: the Master ASE – Hybrid IT Solution Architect. With a new learning approach and a remote-proctored practical exam on live equipment, this certification sets a new standard for career value while focusing on key solutions that represent the future of the marketplace. 
  • Just in time continuous learning: The new HPE continuous learning program enables partners to stay current on HPE product and solution innovations, prepare “just in time” for customer opportunities, succinct content to onboard new people quickly, and the ability to extend their expertise into new areas – all through comprehensive and concise learning paths. Continuous learning provides partners with a competitive advantage and allows them to deliver greater value to customers—resulting in greater margin. HPE studies show that partners who are engage regularly with HPE on continuous learning have a higher growth rate than partners who do not. The HPE continuous learning program provides more options—including learning paths—for partners to enhance technical skills, as well as 11 new continuous learning badges to recognize completion of learning activities.
  • Targeted rewards & recognition: HPE Tech Pro Community now has tiered membership levels with incremental benefits at each level. As members make a greater investment in certification and continuous learning through HPE Tech Pro Community, members will receive more exclusive benefits, and access to insider content and resources.
  • HPE Tech Pro Community enables accelerated delivery of innovative HPE solutions to customers through HPE and partners worldwide.

Benefits to our partner companies

HPE Tech Pro Community membership helps to enhance the skills sets of partner technical employees to deploy higher value solutions providing access to adjacent markets and higher margin opportunities. Participating partner employees receive insider access to HPE assets, tool, and expertise helping to provide faster time to answers and reduce sales cycle time, and creating better customer experiences ultimately contributing to a competitive advantage. Clear and concise continuous learning paths help partner technical staff stay up to date.

Success with HPE Tech Pro Community

HPE Tech Pro Community enables IT pros to stay up to date on the latest HPE and industry innovation in a concise way. We have found that once technical professionals are engaged, members stay active, driving excellence in their work, growth for their customers, and revenue for their employers. We hear stories every week about how HPE Tech Pro Community helped someone develop a solution that became a big win for a customer and that’s what we want to achieve for everyone.

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