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My First 100 Days at HPE – Cristo Rey Workstudy Program


There are many new ideas I’m learning each and every day. A couple of stand-out ideas helping serve as a guiding principle for who I want to become in the future is the importance of a successful life. Success can be defined in infinite ways. To me, success means being able to work and sustain my biggest dreams and to never stop looking for more paths for growth. One of the key aspects to obtain my own success is, of course, education. 

Fortunately enough, I was granted an opportunity to attend Cristo Rey San Jose Jesuit High School. An amazing school located in San Jose providing high schoolers the chance to form confidence in who they are and the right exposure to emerge as young professionals with a fusion of academics, work-study experience, and building on a college-preparatory and success-driven mindset. Through the four years of my experience at Cristo Rey, the school has helped me get partnered with corporate companies in or near San Jose, giving me a chance to familiarize myself in the workplace and become a young professional at such an early age. This has allowed me to gain insights into what a professional work environment is like in the Silicon Valley and gain early exposure into a professional setting, like Hewlett-Packard Enterprise, which helps me create a path of success in my own future.


This year, I was selected to work at Hewlett Packard Enterprise as part of my work-study assignment for my senior year. I am grateful for this opportunity. I started in August, and since then have learned so much about the iconic company that has gone through many changes in order to remain successful in the technology business that they have led for 80 years.

In my assignment, I am part of the Inclusion and Diversity organization. Being part of the group, I have gained exposure to many functions and people, especially within this global organization.  Over the course of my first 100 days, I have been introduced to team members and leaders within Human Resources, IT, the Office of Legal Administration, and Global Real Estate. I have learned many skills such as the importance of time management, setting up workplace collaboration systems, and adapting to a new workplace. I have also been able to show progress in software programs like Excel, finding comfort in communicating with coworkers to get the help that I need in order to complete the task and be more engaged, and in the projects themselves. As an intern, I am able to learn more and integrate myself into our generous foundation HPE Gives learning about its mission and the role it holds in helping our greater community At HPE, I am happy to see many Hispanic professionals through the company’s active Employee Resource Groups and happy to see many people with similar cultural heritage succeeding in Corporate America. With this, I have become truly inspired and have continued to grow on building on my skill set forming my own future. 


Over the course of four years in the work-study program, I have learned to become more engaged, more efficient, and more ambitious. From my placement at HPE, I have learned additional skills such as how to multi-task and prioritize, adapt to new environments, and to strengthen my communication. By learning these skills at an early age, navigating my way through the corporate world as a young adult has become one step easier. I thank all the great and innovative people at Hewlett Packard Enterprise for their support and inspiration to students like me for their commitment to the next generation to take control of their success and achieve our dreams.

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Karla Santos, Intern at Hewlett Packard EnterpriseKarla Santos, Intern at Hewlett Packard EnterpriseAbout the Author: 

Karla Santos is a senior intern here at Hewlett-Packard Enterprise through her high school, Cristo Rey San Jose. Soon enough, she will be one of the graduating students of Cristo Rey’s third graduating class and looks forward to what the future holds.

Karla likes to embrace new opportunities and grow alongside her community and aspires to make an impact in our ever-changing world.





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