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HPE Partner Ready Certification and Learning a key to IT leadership

NTT ICT Success StoryNTT ICT Success Story

NTT Communications ICT Solutions’ (NTT ICT) reputation as a premier global IT provider is built on its history of delivering world-class solutions to its clients. Focused on helping organizations with smooth IT operations and transformation for the future, the company has developed the expertise of its team with help from HPE Partner Ready Certification and Learning.

Strategic partnership with HPE
For NTT ICT in Australia, its 15-year partnership with HPE has been strategic on multiple levels – joint business development, joint product development and close sales engagement. As a key Platinum Partner of HPE in Australia, NTT ICT has invested heavily in HPE Partner Ready Certification and Learning, going above and beyond the required number of certifications. This has been crucial to their continued strength in the industry.

Accreditation and certifications are important,” shared Julie Barbieri, Director National Sales and General Manager Infrastructure at NTT ICT, “From a customer’s point of view, we are an extension of HPE and they get the surety that the supplier is providing a quality service and risk is minimized.

Staying Relevant

Although NTT ICT is a leading company in the field of IT solutions, they continue to upgrade and invest in HPE Partner Ready certifications so as to stay ahead of the game. Barbieri’s insight was that, “Technology changes quickly. If we want to be relevant in the market, we need the training and certification that comes with that.” HPE Partner Alliance Manager at NTT ICT, Joy McKay also added, "The management supports this by organizing internal training exercises and road map sessions to provide trainings for all parts of the NTT business."

Their investments have definitely paid of as Bambos Haralambous, Pre-Sales Engineer at NTT ICT's Melbourne office commented, “With my HPE server and storage certifications, I understood the clients’ requirements and could offer the right solution. The client mentioned on many occasions the trust he had in my ability to solve his problems based on my extensive product knowledge, experience and HPE certifications.”

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