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New HPE Master ASE - Hybrid IT Solutions Architect V1 core exam



The HPE Master ASE - Hybrid IT Solutions Architect V1 certification is the first Master level for Architects in our Hybrid IT space that will have a practical exam for the core. To obtain this Master level certification, the candidates must pass two exams.  The core exam plus a solution exam elective.  The core exam is a hybrid exam (no pun intended) because it is a mixed exam with over 70% dedicated to testing with the use of live hardware.  This is not a VM spin up exam, although some VMs are part of the exam.  This is the first exam of its type that combines multiple item types with live equipment scoring in a remotely proctored setting.  The mix of exam items includes; practical hands-on items with automated scoring directly from the equipment, practical items where examination of live equipment is required to answer questions, and some multiple choice items using DOMC.

The new performance based exam will be a first delivery of its type with practical, SmartItems, and DOMC items integrated into the exam.  The exam requires access to live equipment to answer exam items, as part of the experience.  It will be remotely proctored to eliminate, or greatly reduce, travel.  This allows the exam to be taken at home or in an appropriate office setting. Included in the exam will be access to a plethora of resources that are typically available on-line, simulating an on-line experience most closely related to the workplace setting.  The new exam is being built with the candidate’s peers in the industry, both from HPE Partner and internal presales SMEs contributing to ensure the exam is fair and legally defensible, which is a key component of any certification exam.

I’m really excited about how this exam will test candidates more closely on what they actually do in their jobs. At the time of this publishing, we are in the midst of UAT, User Acceptance Testing.  All is good at this point.  The exam was designed, built, and tested, with real world professionals for whom we are deeply indebted.  We really appreciate our partner and internal SMEs contributing as they do.  I’m very proud of every single one of them!

I want our partners to go into the exam knowing what to expect and feeling well prepared. That’s why there is a supporting course, the Architecting Advanced Hybrid IT Solutions class includes a mix of design activities and labs in which people who haven’t been on a keyboard in years get to go back to the equipment and practice the types of tasks they’ll perform in the exam. This confidence-boosting class will allow those involved in the technical sale to speak with assurance of HPE solutions.  Since the practical exam includes hands-on live equipment, they are more confident of their skills in front of the customers.  The course concludes with a mock exam with extra practice on multiple choice and practical items. This training is also unlike any HPE has put out before: it prepares our partners for a new type of testing experience.

The new HPE Master ASE - Hybrid IT Solutions Architect V1 certification is launching November 1 and additional details will be available at that time.

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Jim Lucari leads certification solutions enablement in Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s WW Sales Enablement organization. He is responsible for sales and technical certification exam development and program operation, certification course development, certification architecture and framework, translations, HPE Press publications, and remote lab operations. Jim has been in IT technology work for over 30 years with experience primarily in networking and storage technologies. He has 20 plus years of experience in training development and certification.


This is a great achievement Jim. Well done to you and your team for bringing this industry-first solution to life.