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I joined Software Finance division 4 years ago and always say that this was the best career decision I could take. I stepped into the world of technology and it is my passion since then. Each day I am learning new things in an atmosphere encouraging the development of my own ideas and solutions to real-life business problems. Interacting with senior sales and finance leaders from several regions and countries.

We are an international team scattered across several European countries. Working in this environment is a great adventure itself. I have learned how to cooperate with different cultures, in virtual as well as face-to-face teams and on my own as an individual contributor. Thanks to the strong support of our management team, I have never been bored. I am constantly challenged with new learning and growth opportunities. With full confidence, in my years with HPE, I have attained equivalent experience of 8 years in other companies.

We are opening a brand new chapter in our history. On September 1st, HPE Software will combine with Micro Focus Company creating one of the biggest software players in the world.

This is an excellent opportunity to gain unique experiences in new areas.  All spin-offs and mergers are complex. Multiple cross-functional teams. are involved and right communication is key to success,

This is not something that is happening in the business world on a daily basis. This kind of experience is really valuable.

I am really excited and optimistic about the future of our company. The integration of two enterprises, new systems being introduced, developing combined strategy and meeting new people. We will be building our new own culture and work environment. This is how I see my next steps in the Software world and I am really look forward to that!

About the author

Piotr Dubinski, Finace professional at HPE PolandPiotr Dubinski, Finace professional at HPE Poland

Member of the Software EMEA Finance team in Wroclaw with experience in Software as a Service, Support, Planning, Channel and Alliances. Passionate about consumer and enterprise technology.

Finance Professional, a trusted Business adviser, an Analytical Investigator and Technology Hothead who adapts quickly to the changing environment and gets the work done!

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