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Partner Ready Certification and Learning: Free technical training at HPE Discover


Partner Ready Certification and Learning free technical training at DiscoverHPEgreenbar.gif

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To register for Networking, Servers, or Storage classes:

Technical trainings can only be added during the Discover registration process. As you complete your registration, you will receive a prompt asking if you would like to add a PRCL (Partner Ready Certification and Learning) class to your schedule. This is your opportunity to add classes.

If you are already registered, log back in and look for the green button labeled "Edit PRCL". Clicking on the button will then provide the option to sign up for PRCL training classes.

To register for Cloud classes:

Fill out the word document form provided in this email and send it to Pat Gardner at You will receive a confirmation email from Pat. Cloud technical trainings cannot be added during online registration.

Registration for cloud classes must be done via email.

 Classes fill quickly. Register today!


 Which classes are you registered for? We would like to hear from you!

Click on the link at the bottom of this article to download this post for a handy reference guide.


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