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Partner success story reveals value of Sales Certification training

Learn how SHI International uses HPE certifications to drive growth.


HPE Platinum Partner SHI International Corp. is a $7 billion+ global provider of technology products, solutions, and services to corporate, enterprise, SMB, public sector, and academic customers. Based in Somerset, N.J., SHI employs more than 3,000 professionals worldwide, including a highly experienced and stable sales force backed by software volume licensing experts, hardware procurement specialists, and certified IT services staff. In recent years, SHI has been shifting its business from transactional to solution-driven sales—a strategy that involves enhancing and aligning the skill sets of its sales and engineering teams. Seeing powerful synergies between this approach and the HPE Transformation Areas, SHI is leveraging its relationship with resources such as its HPE Partner Enablement Manager (PEM), and the HPE Partner Ready Certification and Learning program, to gain competitive advantage, increase sales, and change the nature of the customer conversation.

I like to have my engineers go through both the sales and the technical training. When they know our marketing strategy, the solution architects can more effectively help sales reps understand the engineering side of the equation. It’s all about having a more-qualified conversation with the customer, making sure we understand everything HPE has to offer and that we all speak the same language.

Authored by: Tim Henning, Director of Hardware and Advanced Solutions, SHI International Corp

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