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Partners: Accelerate Your Customers’ Transformation to the Idea Economy

meeting.pngAccelerate your customers’ transformation

Your customers need results fast—and new solutions based on Hewlett Packard Enterprise Transformation Areas are designed to help them go further and deliver faster than ever before.

We are pleased to announce five new solution bundles to help you accelerate your sales. These bundles combine training, sales collateral, solution briefs, quick reference cards, and more, giving you the essentials to meet your customers’ needs. Each bundle is also fully expandable with additional services and solutions from across the HPE portfolio.

You can customize the sales or presales materials you view on the HPE My Learning portal by filtering by your role, bundle, or Transformation Area. Available bundles are listed below under the applicable Transformation Area:

Transformation Area: Transform to a Hybrid Infrastructure

Available solution bundles:

  • Application migration to cloud: Accelerate delivery and optimization of business services in private cloud to enable high-velocity IT
  • Rapid provisioning: Improve time-to-market by implementing Infrastructure-as-a-Service to quickly provision bare metal server, storage, and networking resources

Transformation Area: Empower the Data-Driven Organization

Available solution bundle:

  • Optimize analytics with all-flash arrays: Enable faster decision-making with a scalable, data-centric foundation for on-demand, right-sized analytics

Transformation Area: Enable Workplace Productivity

Available solution bundles:

  • All-wireless virtual desktop infrastructure: Deliver a rich user experience any place, any time, on any device
  • Microsoft Skype for Business: Help your customers empower employees, increase productivity, and reduce communications costs

If you’re unfamiliar with the HPE Transformation Areas or just need a quick refresher, the Transformation Area home page also provides short awareness training modules, play cards, and battle cards to hone your expertise.

Visit the HPE My Learning portal to capitalize on this tool in your customer outreach and increase your sales today.

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