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Podcast: “With CTP, it’s like playing on the All-Star team, everyday.”

Dan Griffith, Principal Cloud ArchitectDan Griffith, Principal Cloud ArchitectThe Doppler decided to switch things up and dig into a topic they know even better than cloud: What it’s like working at CTP.

While there is no shortage in the number of organizations that need help migrating, modernizing and building applications in the cloud, there is a shortage in the amount of talent filling those roles. Attain a new AWS, Azure or GCP certification, and a handful of recruiters will rush to get you on the phone. The job market has never been as bountiful as it is now, and for the skills you have! So, how do you decide where to take your career next?

We think CTP is that landing zone.

In this episode of The Doppler Podcasts, we get honest and talk about the reality of working at CTP, including:

  • Our “fast-paced”, “dive into the deep end”, “no fear of failure” culture
  • The not so glamorous side of traveling when you’re a consultant
  • The truth behind our acquisition and its impact, or lack thereof, on our business
  • The types of people we look to hire

Listen here to this episode and learn why you should be a part of this CTP team. 

Want to join our team? We are currently looking for AWS architects, Azure architects and more at

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