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Reaching another milestone at HPE India R&D center, Bangalore with PARASPARAM 2019

CREATIVITY, COLLABORATION AND INNOVATION are the three potent magical ingredients to a sustained growth of any technology company. The same holds true at Hewlett Packard Enterprise too. In fact, we at HPE live and thrive with these principles that has eventually led to the organization being considered as a happy place to work at.

Our reason for success
At HPE India R&D Center, for technologist who believe in creating a difference through innovation and out-of-the-box thinking, PARASPARAM is synonymous to the Academy Award of Merit (the OSCARS). A platform that not only provides them with an opportunity to showcase their expertise in addressing various technology challenges, but equally rewards them for their ground-breaking solutions. Parasparam follows a process similar to the notable HPE Tech-Con; inviting engineers to submit research papers that are eventually screened at multiple levels and finally rewarded.

Undoubtedly with each passing year, PARASPARAM has only got better and is slated to further growth. PARASPARAM 2019 was indeed a testimony justifying the claim. Parasparam is not only about submitting research papers, but a gamut of experiences. An event filled with excitement, thrill, anticipation and a streak of joy was something that the employees at HPE-Mahadevapura Center (Bengaluru, India) couldn’t ignore.

The last phase of PARASPARAM 2019 kick-started with a thrilling Virtual Reality Car Racing experience for more than 500 employees over a period of 2 days. While the event intensified the adrenaline rush in people, the main objective was to enlighten our folks about the fantabulous work we do in collaboration with Mercedes-AMG Petronas for providing edge-to-cloud solutions and advisory services both at the factory and trackside. And, this is something each one of us take pride in.


This wasn’t it…the Space Story that elucidated our collaboration with NASA was not just informative but a great hit with the folks. This little area served as the photo-booth that housed a ready to take-off rocket and an enthusiastic Astronaut. Here, the employee count visiting the booth easily surpassed 700.


With VR Car racing and the Space Story having already set the momentum for the exhilarating experience, the virtual reality game Infinite Loop added to the charm. Infinite loop undoubtedly was the most revered event that mandated participants to collaborate with their team members, have clear & effective communication to solve the puzzles and emerge as winners.

All the glitz and glamour of the pre-event activities eventually led to the final day of Parasparam 2019; a day well-organized, the venue systematically planned and activities flawlessly executed. This year we had 224 submissions of which 19 were selected for PoC. 18 of those were showcased at the booths (made up of Lego blocks). Every presenting team put in their best foot forward to explicate their solutions that amplify the usage of technology in solving real life challenges, to both, the judges and visitors. The jury had a tough time shortlisting winners. Finally after much deliberation, the 7 best solutions (listed below) were awarded.

  • ML Model Performance Management
  • Implementing Governance in Hybrid Cloud
  • Automated Functional Security Test model
  • Smart Configuration in Aruba OS
  • Optimize WiFi Roaming using Machine Learning
  • Account Precision Targeting
  • Model for NFV-I and VNF characterization

Finally the incredible Parasparam 2019 was concluded with the moment of truth, the award ceremony felicitating all winners. It was time to rightfully recognize all the hard work and dedication put in by our technologists over the last few months in solving real life technology challenges.

Last but not the least, for the first time in the history of Parasparam, the event was hosted by two individuals. And what’s so special about it?  Well, the specialty was not about two individuals hosting, rather a deadly combination of the two most prevalent problems in the IT sector these days: The Artificial Intelligence and Natural Stupidity.


The proceedings of the event were executed by our spontaneous witty host who was accompanied by an equally competitive, cute, vibrant and an artificially intelligent ROBOT, “MITRI”. It was amazing to see the on-stage chemistry unfold between the naturally intelligent human and an artificially intelligent robot. With this, MITRI unquestionably became the show stopper of the event.

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