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Sales Career Journey: Stefanie Cerda


I began my career at HPE in 2010 as a part of our HP Services organization, now HPE PointNext. As an eager-to-learn new sales rep, I embraced the challenge of learning, not only about HPE, but technology! Prior to HPE, I worked in consumer goods sales, and had no prior knowledge about what a server was, how storage was leverage, or what an application truly meant! Needless to say, I was determined to learn quickly—and did just that. I had a great first year, and was awarded Rookie of the Year at Sales Kick Off at the end of 2010.

After my first year, I was asked if I was interested in joining the Storage sales organization. I immediately jumped at the opportunity, not only because of the promise it offered my career, but because I had the opportunity to work for a very strong woman who served as an excellent role model around what success as a woman in tech looked like, and how I could engage in a similar journey.


Storage was very exciting—I had the opportunity to start in SMB, then Commercial, and finally Enterprise. Along the way, I learned a lot about the art of a great sale, the value and benefit of fostering partnerships internally and externally, and how to be an advocate for a customer’s business.

I’ve been fortunate to be very successful year over year, and in a little over 5 years, I was asked to take on the role of Enterprise Account Manager for enterprise accounts in Washington which allowed for me to grow my sales talent and apply them toward selling the entire HPE portfolio to my accounts. This most recently led to my promotion to District Manager for Enterprise Storage accounts in 2018.

It’s been an incredible journey. When I think back on my successes, I truly think some of my largest wins and growth in my professional career were by pushing into the difficult with a supportive group of teammates and mentors alongside me.


If I heard of opportunities to lean into something I didn’t have experience in, I usually jumped in as fast as I could. Whether that was a specific account that has never bought from HPE, a particular role that has faced difficulty attaining quota in years prior, or a particular partnership that’s been brushed off as failed due to past challenges—I leaned in. To me, the ability to influence was best done by focusing on the underserved—and it’s led to not only my success, but a community of great relationships internally and externally that I truly feel want to see me succeed.

When I was asked to discuss my journey as a Woman in Tech, I couldn’t help but jump in! I feel very passionately about being a woman in tech, and love pressing into the movement around growing women in STEM careers. Technology is such an exciting and rewarding place to be—and it’s constantly changing. I find myself looking for more ways to learn about technology, and how to be a part of the change. Not only as technology evolves, but about what being a woman in a business means for the future.

So for me, HPE has been a great career choice. This journey I shared was nothing without the people that took a chance on someone new to the industry, invested in finding ways to encourage me along my growth, and pushed me to constantly seek challenges. Combine all this with best-in-breed technology—it’s a killer combination.

I’m excited to see where the next 8 years lead!

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Stefanie Cerda, Sales District Manager at HPEStefanie Cerda, Sales District Manager at HPE

Stefanie Cerda has been with HPE for 7.5 years working most recently as the Pacific Northwest and Mountain Region Enterprise Storage Sales District Manager. Stefanie is an experienced sales professional with a history of high performance, driving business impacting strategies with her customers, and a mentor to her peers and partners. She graduated in two and a half years from the University of Washington with a B.A. in Business Adminstration.

In her spare time, Stefanie is an exercise enthusiast and avid runner. Stefanie has completed 5 marathons, and 20+ half marathons, including qualifying and running the Boston Marathon twice. She also loves to travel, spending time each year abroad. Stefanie recently married her husband, Matthew, in 2017, and they live in Sammamish, WA with their 6 month old German Shepherd, and three cats.

Stay connected with Stefanie via LinkedIn and if interested in exploring careers within the HPE Sales organization, click here.


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